Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday and Manias!

I probably got you thinking..."what the heck does she mean with that title??"  Well, I don't think I've blogged at all about MANIAS.  Those are wonderful happenings that take place at my favorite scrapbook store, Making Memories Unforgettable, every Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m - midnight.  And yes, you get to scrap or craft your little heart out.  And yes, I was at the Friday mania this past week - got lots done for my etsy store inventory and spent amazing time with some of my dearest friends.  You know, it's pretty great when you get to "mess around and mess up" someone else's space - and they don't mind!!!

But I digress...I should say that on Monday I enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day with my sweetie and we kicked it low key with a romantic dinner at home and dancing in the living room - perfect!  The rest of the week I was pinching myself because I couldn't believe our temperatures were reaching 80 degrees!

Had lunch with some fabulous friends on Thursday and later on Ron and I were at McKale enjoying a VERY exciting basketball game as our Wildcat men's team beat Wazoo (Washington State U.)!  But the best game on Saturday with a WHITEOUT vs. U of Washington
pregame arena

Kyle Fogg

It was really a thrill to walk into the area and see a sea of WHITE!!  Pretty awesome, and the excitement and noise was off the hook! Oh, and it really helps that we beat them Huskies in total drama in the last 2 seconds of the game!

Received a fabulous bundle of treasures from Richie and Pat...fabric, trims, and fibers which had belonged to Pat's mom and she is SO generously sharing with me.  Richie sent priceless photos, articles, ephemera from our childhood which I will tackle down the road for the family archive album.

I'm sure some of you haven't had a chance to check out my etsy store, so I thought I'd post a few pix this week of my newest creations.  Unfortunately, dimensionality and detail doesn't come through in the photos as I would like.  The cards average size is 4.5 x 6.5 inches with a 3 in. drop from the ribbon.

Are you wondering what I've got for you this week, craft-wise?  Well, it's a real goody and one that I think you'll enjoy, easy to make too!  


White felt - about 10-12 in. square
Sharp scissors
Glue gun
Pearls or embellishments of choice ( I also used vintage buttons)
Chain necklace 18-24 inches long
White cotton trim of choice - at least 2 yds. (I mixed mine as you'll see in the photos)
Wire cutters or and old scissors that will cut your chain

1.  First, cut out three felt circles in the size you want your lace flowers.  One circle will be LARGER as this will be the center flower.  

2.  Put hot glue around the edge of one of the circles.

3.  Press the edge of the trim into the glue, being careful not to burn your fingers.

4. Repeat this process, spiraling your trim towards the center.  Cut off the extra and glue the end down.

5.  Glue your pearl embellishments in the center of your flowers.
I used two different types of white cotton trim, and buttons and pearls for the centers.

6.  Now, glue the large flower down on the remaining felt.
large flower

7.  Next, get the necklace chain ready to be cut.

8.  Find the center of the chain and with the wire cutters or old scissors, snip through the chain so that you have two pieces.  They should be the same length.

9.  On one of the two remaining smaller flowers lay down hot glue and attach one of the chain pieces, about 3/4 in.  Repeat with the remaining small flower and chain.

10.  Place a small flower on either side of the large flower until you have the shape you want, then glue down.

11.  Finally, cut around the flowers, carefully trimming off excess felt.

12.  Show off your new necklace!!

Have a wonderful week and listen carefully for your muse! xoxo

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Alex Hardy said...

Another SUPER CUTE tutorial! You're on FIRE Karen!