Monday, March 21, 2011

Did You Ever Have......?

Did you ever have one of those weeks that just whizzed by so fast, you couldn't even believe it happened?  Well, that's exactly what my week was like.  And I think I've figured out why it went SO fast....I spent the better part of it engaged with the people I family and friends!  

The company you're with creates the happiness that surrounds you, and when you're that happy you lose track of the clock - the seconds, minutes, hours, days - and finally, the week itself!

By now you KNOW there's no such thing as an accident - just an event that was determined to occur.  Well, I dropped off some inventory to MMU on Monday and one of my besties, Alex, just happened to be working, which I did not know  beforehand.  

Sweet surprise, because I've been promising to bring and share lunch with her when she works and well, life has just gotten in the way.  Not this day - we chatted and she helped get my inventory "staged"

collectible cards

vintage crepe paper, muslin and labels

hand dyed tulle
 and I ran an errand and picked up the most scrumptious lunch at Miss Saigon - YUM!!

As luck would have it, Alex was free on Tuesday, so I decided to play hooky from housework, laundry and project to do one of my favorite pastimes - JUNKING!!  We hit one of Alex's faves (was sworn to secrecy on which one it is *wink*wink*  But take a gander at our loot - Alex scored MAJOR with a pristine set of vintage pyrex bowls for an embarrassingly small price tag!
here are the bowls, and  check out the old Skippy jar for 50 cents!

She's one happy girl!

my loot - lots of stuff for my projects

love the new chair for my new studio!

munitions box to hold lots of crafting tools

how can a mom go shopping without getting something for the kids!
As if all this wasn't indulgent enough - let me continue...Wednesday brought a full day at MMU for scrapping with dear friend Geri.  She shared this darling tissue holder she made, a get well gift for a sick friend.  

If you're interested in the directions, please email me and I'll send them to you:
She finished (I think...) her latest cruise album, and I got to work on vintage wallpaper tags and a gift for my sis, Anna Marie, who's birthday is in July.  Weird, I know, 4 months away but if I don't start now it won't get done!

Thursday we watched our glorious AZ Wildcats win their first game in the NCAA tourney.  In case you'd like to see "from whence we come" our youngest daughter, Melissa, found this and posted on Facebook.

The day was topped off with a traditional Irish dinner with our family at the girls' house.  It was fabulous,  and regretfully I got so excited about going "out" to dinner that I didn't bring my camera - shame on me!  Suffice it to say, Mandy outdid herself and the cooking legend lives on!

Friday night Ron and I hunkered down with a quiet time at home - so much excitement this week for us seniors!  On Saturday I helped Kiera celebrate her birthday along with 9 other friends, so much fun!

Sunday was spent with Mandy "creating" some special gifts for some special friends. Pepper into this some unbelievable balmy AZ weather and now you know why I can't believe this week just whizzed by.

Once again, my friend Carolyn at has been so very generous to share the following craft with us.  I think you'll agree this is darling and now we finally can repurpose all those wine corks we save!  Please be sure to check out her blogspot for even more inspiration!

Tiny Trees - Family Chic

Branch Photo Holder - homework

And one more idea before you use up all those corks...I created these last summer for a friend's Wine and Cheese birthday party.  They're great for the buffet table.
hot glue a bamboo skewer into cork, then carefully cut a slice at opposite end for food card

My wish for you this week is that it is filled with so much joy you lose track of all time!  Peace and love to all, and Bear Down Arizona - Beat the Blue Devils!!


Alex Hardy said...

It was a SUPER FUN week ... love the recap!
Here's to more happy adventures! XO

~*~Patty S said...

what a lot of fun
you gals are my kind of shoppers...great treasures
I am imagining dying your own tuille...what fun that must be...such pretty colors!

thanks for so much eye candy and cork inspiration too :)

Happy Weekend to you and yours

nightfairyscrapper said...

I wish you luck on this journey. I am happy to see your work will be in the store you are a very talented person.Congrats Angela

Chris said...

Karen, after seeing you at MMU today and all the cute things you are making and selling there, I asked Katie for your fun to read these and see what you spend time doing....I will check back often.....And thanks for loving my daughter...