Monday, October 17, 2011

Berlin Diary ~ Day 4

September 26, 2011  ~ It's a glorious sunny day with temps in the low 70's....the sky is a perfect blue and it appears to be the perfect day to see the Berlin Zoo ~ the largest zoo in Europe!

We begin with a luscious breakfast at Pucci's, a little cafe near our hotel.  Funny thing...what we call "French Toast" the Germans call "Cinnamon Toast."  This had to be the BEST I've ever tasted!  They managed to cover the toast with a "crust" of the sugars and cinnamon ~ dee-lish!

As time went on we noticed the pride German people take in all that they create/produce.  A large stein of German draft beer costs 2.9 euros while a glass of wine from Italy or France costs 6.9 euros!

Next it was on to the Zoo.  This site was less than mile from the hotel and we needed as much walking that day after the breakfast we just had!
main entrance

some German humor!

I don't think the spider was an exhibit, but I couldn't resist this picture!
the two most beautiful creatures that day!

European storks
lowland gorilla - not sure which one he is

beautiful flamingos - one of my faves
a flamingo close-up

on the count of "3" everybody scratch!

had to shoot the statue since the "real" ones were hiding

beautiful photo op
mama and calf

resting rhino

pigmy hippo
the King bids us "auf wiedershen"
We saw many more residents, but could not see them all....this park is ENORMOUS!  And we still had to make it through the Aquarium.
Schotzie and friend outside the Aquarium
The following are from the beautiful and so graceful to watch these sea creatures.
sea urchin

spongy coral


jelly fish

star fish in the anemone garden


there's a fish hiding ~ it's the same color/texture as the sand!

We head back to the hotel and get ready for some gift shopping and dinner at KaDaWe Department Store.  Can't resist showing you these photos...we decided to buy our dessert and bring it back to the hotel room.  Remember that 6th floor at KDW that I talked about in an earlier post ~ the floor that's nothing but food?  We went to the bakery section and bought these...dig the fancy wraps!!
the box is covered with tissue paper ~ love those Germans!

our fabulous eclairs
Well, that pretty much wraps up Day 4.  Thank you so much for traveling with me today.  I'll be back later today with an update post on my latest swaps and creations.  I would love for you to visit again!  Have a fantastic day!


Alex Hardy said...

The ZOO looks amazing. And tissue paper wrapped eclairs! I know you must have saved some for later crafting!

lynn said...

it sure looked like a perfect day at the zoo.. and especially with your girls.. funny alex had the same idea as i did... wonder what oragami could be made with that tissue lol
guess its a crafters brain..
thanks so much for sharing :)
big ladybug hugs