Monday, November 7, 2011

Berlin Diary ~ Day 7

Well, the time has come and we mark our last day in Berlin before leaving early tomorrow morning.  We thought it was fitting to spend the day visiting the sight that is iconic to Berlin ~ "The Wall."
The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 and boasted a total length of 96 miles.  It encapsulated the "free" area of West Berlin, while the remainder of the city was Soviet occupied and known as East Berlin.
We took the train to the outdoor museum in the Mitte district.

a reference to the Wall

this is the outdoor museum
doors were added to allow offical personnel to pass through

this is the subway station we used!  all subway lines were closed down

a "pit" used to trap cars 

the length of the memorial

a section of Wall in a local bakery

We have now traveled to the northern section of the district to view the Wall Art...this is at the East Side Gallery.  I will leave you with these images...they really speak for themselves.

translation...."No Man's Land"

We are enjoying a cold (53 degrees) rainy day in Tucson.  It feels like Fall has arrived!  Have a beautiful week, dear friends.  Auf Wiedersehen mein Berlin!


Unknown said...

Such a sweet reminder of what people have lived through! Lovely! :)


Lynn Stevens said...

That had to be a fasinating trip. so much history!

Thank you so much for posting my giveaway. I have entered you for the bonus as well as the surprise of luck
hugs Lynn

~*~Patty S said...

OK I woke up the other morning thinking "have I missed one of Karen's Berlin posts?"...well I flit around and now days have passed...long story short
sure enough I DID miss this one
another great piece you did Karen...your photos are brilliant too!

Thanks for extra treat for someone that has never been lucky enough to visit Berlin
I enjoy travel photos so much!