Monday, March 26, 2012

One Little Word...

I forgot to tell you that I'm taking an online class with Ali Edwards..."One Little Word 2012."  I know, I're wondering how someone who says she's got SOOO much on her plate, can take an online class!  Actually, it's pretty easy ~ not burdensome ~ or overwhelming ~ but it is thought-provoking, deeply significant ~ and a gift that keeps on giving!

Here's how it works:  you choose a word for the year...
My Word: Shine ~ pre-class assignment: title page in a 5x7 pocket

You then set up an 8.5x11 album with a page for each month, which will represent your word...

back of title page in the 5x7 pocket

January:  all about the word and what it means to me
February:  these help me to "Shine"
March:  a plan of action to Shine!
So, I'm off and shining and anxious to see what our prompt for April will can be sure I'll post about it. The class is now closed since it would be difficult for a new student to catch up, but she offers it every year at Big Picture Classes

The past week has been very productive with the creation of a Baptism card

A baby bracelet

Rehearsal Dinner invitations
(info has been deleted for privacy purposes)
And LOTS  of Spring decorating and preparation for hosting the Tucson Swap Queens tonight!  I'm itching to show you pix but can't till after tonight.

Now for the BIG OOPS!!  Kim and JoAnne hosted the most wonderful St. Patrick's Day ATC Book swap and I forgot to post the pix last Monday.  I'm sooooo sorry ladies, so here's the link to the fabulous pictures of the book that we each received. Just click here: Vintage Dragonfly

Next Monday is the start of Holy Week, so I won't write a Monday post till April 9th.  BUT,  I still have lots to share with you so I'll be writing a special post which will publish by the end of THIS week.  Be sure to stop by! 

Have a most beautiful week, sweet friends and family, and enjoy this glorious Spring that has blessed us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following, commenting, and being my friends!


Unknown said...

How very sweet! You shine away girl! :) And Im sure youre all in a flutter for the big day !:)


Laurie said...

What a fun journal project - it is really coming along! That invitation is wonderful and makes me want to eat Italian food and listen to opera! Have a wonderful week!

Fran. said...

Shine on Karen!!! Cool way of journaling!! Makes you disciplined. You amaze me in the fact that you get to do so much with kindred spirits!! Not too much of that goin on in MICH!! LOL Thanks for the sweet comment. Will check in with ya later. Keep on shining!!! XO Love, Fran.