Monday, June 4, 2012

And The Trunk Was Emptied....Almost!

What a Show it was!  In my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine an unveiling that was as much fun and successful as was my Trunk Show yesterday.

Before I put up pictures, I want to thank my friends for their enthusiastic support ~ Sandy, Selena, Lauri, Heather, Tammy, Eva, Cindy, Sharon, Angel, Debbie, Geri, Gini, Deirdre, Vincetta, Chris, Katie, Kelly, and Angela.  

Not only were you there for me, but you bolster my confidence to develop my art further ~ trying new techniques and methods of design.

I must thank my Kiki and Schotzie who are so beautiful from the inside to the outside.  Without your help and support this event would not have been born.

Kiki, you outdid yourself with your gorgeous meat and cheese board and Pink Lemonade cake.
(silly me....I forgot to take pictures of our buffet set-up!! )...but here's what the little food signs looked like, and they were clipped to wooden spools like this:

Schotzie, you manned the check out table and kept things running smoothly.

The love of my life, Ron, who kept the dishwasher stacked and chatted up the ladies ~ some he knew, others just met.

And the payoff was... these three most important people in my life CLEANED EVERYTHING up for me!!  I couldn't ask for more.

Lastly, a big "thank you" to my friends Rosemary and Rachelle for their pre-event orders...SO exciting to receive these after posting some pix to Facebook on Friday!!

Well, as they say...."On with the show!"

And I have one more, very important tidbit to share with you....I am the very LUCKY winner of Fran's Giveaway!! You can find her at    The uber-generous Fran sent me the most amazing box filled with these wonderful goodies...
Sweet Fran remembered that I LOVE Dots, from an altered bottle swap many moons ago!  The Jiffy plant is in her hometown, and there's a definite "chicken" theme going on!

one of Fran's passions is creating Prims ~ dolls and their wardrobes.  This is one of her darling creations.

loved everything, especially the sweet little white hen she created!
Thank you so much, dear Fran, from the bottom of my heart!

Well, sweet friends, I will be back to work this week as my two classes at Artful Gathering 2012 begin on Thursday.  Can you see me jumping up and down as I type this???!!!  I'm over-the-moon excited about the all the new and wonderful things I'll be learning with Cat Kerr and Diane Cook ~ two super, amazing artists!!  You can check back with me next Monday to see what I've learned!

In the meantime, have a blessed week and thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me today!


mary k said...

You have been one busy lady. Everything is beautiful. So glad your sale was successful.

Sandi McLean said...

Karen - what a wonderful idea! Love seeing all of your work and that it went so well! Looking forward to next Monday! Hugs,

mrsthesun said...

Karen, what beautiful things! I am so sad that I missed your trunk show. I didn't end up going to Ohio after all but I didn't just stay home
....I was in Mayo Hospital Friday night and Saturday night! All better now. :) I am so glad that your trunk show was a success. With all of the love and support of your family and friends, how could it have been anything but successful? Love,

Unknown said...

I love love love what you created here!!! WHERE do you get those gorgeous plates from?! I think everything you made is simply stunning!!! Congrats and Im so happy you had a good time! :D


Anonymous said...
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~*~Patty S said...

How could it not be a big success with so much talent and loving support!

Lovely to see so much creativity dear Karen!

so happy for you!

Chris said...

I love my earrings...they are so beautiful...looking forward to wearing them always, your home and family were enjoyed taking time to sit and visit and look at all you created. xo

Fran. said...

Oh what lovlies!! Looks like a boutique!! What do you call those little wood people? They look really cool! Thanks for sharing pics of your winnings! Flip side of your style!! LOL But I am so glad you love it!! You are blessed with a great family who adores you!! You are very talented Karen!! The necklas holders were pretty too and unique. Take care, looking forward to your new goodies you are gonna make!! XOXO Love, Fran.