Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heading Into The Homestretch!

As you know, I've been buzzin' around creating all this new jewelry, techniques that I've recently learned from some of the best artists/teachers around....

Now I'm in the homestretch, completing these amazing creations....

These little beauties are just waiting for the right necklace chain to complete them...

They will be featured in my Trunk Show on September 16th.

You've waited so long to see the treasures I found at the Pasadena Flea Market, so let's get the show started!

a dozen "lace" paper luncheon napkins and a sweet vintage card

yummy soft silk ribbon

keys and a key chain from 1935

French text

vintage patriotic ribbon
 French dish towels made from vintage linen and feed sacks

old spoons

a chalkware St. Agnes and wooden tote

holy medals

vintage earrings and an old floral frog

 tiered basket for the studio and a lamp which will be used for staging

lovely tiny little bottles and salt and peppers

scads of ribbon and lace

old shoe buttons
Yes, it was quite the "wowza!" but I must say, good old Tucson prices still reign supreme.

 So, last Monday Kelly, Kiki and I headed out to our fave place ~ 22nd Street Antique Mall

We all managed to do our share of "damage" and got so excited we forgot to take a lot of pictures inside!!  But here's some of the goodies....

sweet glove box to repurpose

lots of small plates asking to become jewelry holders

hats to admire

canning jar and some silver for the studio and staging

tiny bottles

jewelry box to hold rhinestone stash

more hats to admire

old soap dish

smokin' deal on seam binding

a gift for sweet hubby

amazing 31/4 inch old brooch

 we smiled to see this old  pretzel can just like Nannie had

pretzel can lid

vintage rosary to be upcycled into jewelry  and lampshade for display

porcelain door knob to become a memo holder
Hope you enjoyed the visit ~ I sure did!!
More exciting news....I'm off to Phoenix this week for Art Unraveled 

and another fantastic class with Diane Cook - this time in person!!  I'm soooo excited!

I hope your week is filled with love and blessings and comfy weather.  We're getting our rain in the desert and we're extremely grateful!
Thank you for your visit....I love you!!


Unknown said...

OH wow!!! I cant even begin to say where I was hooked!!! The amount of fantastic stuff you have here is amazing!!! you gals had sooooo much fun! just... wow! :)


~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE Karen!

Your jewelry creations are each splendid...what a lot of fun you are having!

AND I am crazy about your newest found many things I am also drawn to

enjoy the rain and Art Unraveled...sounds great!

Fran. said...

Oh Karen I can tell you are feeling better! But be careful!! LOL Listen to me!! There's no stopping you!!! I got my dollie today and I LOVE her!!! Your treasures are amazing!! Hard to say what I love the most!! LOL The bottles are cool, what cha gonna do with them? Another fun class! Don't ya love that you can take fun classes like that? I adore the ribbon my cute package was tied with!! Designer ribbon!! Yay!! I love receiving things like that!! Well I know you're gonna be having fun so let us know what ya make!! Take care of yourself!! XOXO Love, Fran.

Laurie said...

I just fainted from all the beautifulness!!