Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ole' MacDonald Had A Farm

Eeeii Eeeii Ohhhh!  Can you guess what I did this weekend???  Well, no, I didn't go to a farm, but I did go to 3 farmer's markets in Tucson!

I haven't been to a farm in quite awhile and there's really no excuse because we have MANY.  We are surrounded by farming country and  Southern Arizonans have a strong yearning for things organic.

So, on Saturday I experienced the farmer's market downtown at the train station...

Cute little market, not a lot of vendors as the 100 degree heat factors into it.

Got to see Amtrak on a morning run...

And a couple of freighters...

Bought some herbed goat cheese which was made from Wednesday's goat milk ~ yummy!

Also picked up a new basil plant and peppermint plant...

Next stop was the farmer's market at Plaza Palomino...

Sadly, there were few vendors compared to their normal draw as the center is undergoing renovation.
I managed to snag a loaf of ciabatta from Barrio Bread ~ addicting!!
By now, the day was heating up and I had two little herb plants to replant so I headed for home.

On Sunday, Kiki joined me and we traveled up the Avenue to St. Phillip's Plaza for their Sunday market.

By far, this was the best ~ HUGE with everything from organic eggs to organic meats and everything in between...soaps, lotions, potions, beans, lentils, breads, cheeses, veggies, gluten, vegan, you name it!

We had a lovely morning and while I had purchased my goat cheese yesterday, I found a few things I just couldn't resist ~

organic delights ~ heirloom tomatoes, japanese eggplant, and avocado
lentil blend soup and a kalamata olive loaf for my sweet man
hydroponic oak leaf lettuce

Wilcox galas
Somehow, the lentils ~ rustic bread ~ apples ~ have me anticipating Fall with pure glee! Thirty four years in Arizona have taught me there's still another 1-2 months of pretty warm weather.  That's okay because Fall will arrive!

I want to share one more thing with you, dear sweet, dear heart Debbie celebrated her birthday on August 21st.  Since I was still coming around from the vertigo, we celebrated her special day last Friday.

A very special luncheon at....

located in the historic Hotel Congress, downtown Tucson....

one of the original pencil drawings in the dining room

the original hotel bar
Happy Birthday, dear still have 5 days left of celebrating your Birthday Month!

And I'm wishing all of you a most lovely end-of-the-month week, as well.  I'll be thinking of you and sending you blessings!


Unknown said...

Oh I adore your adventures! :D And so many lovely and yummy looking foods!!!! Im drooling! :D


~*~Patty S said...

thank you for sharing so much goodness and birthday bliss too...

farmer's markets have such great energy and it's always nice to know WHERE your food came from and organic is definitely a bonus...
I commented recently on how gingerly a young fellow put our tomatoes in our bag...he remarked that you have a different feel for vegetables/fruits that you've planted and true!

That Ciabatta has my mouth watering...
bruschetta anyone :)

How can it almost be September already!
Enjoy * Enjoy

Fran. said...

Love this post Karen!! Great pics!! I love going to any Farmers Markets. We hit alot this summer!! Thanks for stoppin by and likin my facebook page! I am trying really hard to get my Etsy promoted on there!! I did sell my Dog Doll "Betty Bow Wow" in two days cuz of it!! YAY!! We are super hot here!! Hopin the whole weekend is not that way!! LOVE the pic of you and your friend, you look like you are feeling alot better!! Yay!! Have a great LAbor Day weekend. We are having our grandbaby over on Monday!! I can't wait!! XO Love, Fran.