Monday, October 29, 2012

Hope and Prayers...

Most of you know that we are transplanted "East Coasters."  This is a time of of hope and prayer for us as we've left our family and friends behind.  A feeling of helplessness clutches the heart as we think of those dear ones in NYC, eastern PA, LI.....God be with you all and protect you, and may your troubles be minor inconveniences, as we pray for you and everyone else (my blog buddies)...May Sandy disappear more swiftly than she appeared...

My last Art Fair of the season was this past weekend, at Corpus Christi Catholic Church's Fall Arts Boutique.  

What a wonderful experience and blessing to make so many new friends and see many old friends.

On my worktable I've got a special order to finish up for a new friend, a beautiful customized, soldered pendant. I can't show it to you yet as it's a birthday present for her friend.  

Now, it's time to get ready for my sweet SIL's visit...and I'm thinking positively, as she's due to fly out from Philadelphia on Thursday!  I'll be getting things ready and planning fun things to do while she's here.  Please keep her in your prayers that her trip happens, safely!

I've got unpacking and inventory to take care of today, then finishing up on the workbench, so I'll make this post short.  Be sure to check back next Monday as I fill you in on the latest and greatest!

Have a beautiful, safe, and dry week and thank you so much for taking the time to visit ~ I love you!!


mrsthesun said...

Karen, I will be praying for your loved ones and that your sister-in-law is able to fly in on Thursday.
Have a really, really good week.

Unknown said...

We are all praying with you dear, that everyone will be ok! Lovely decor, as I said before, and friends are such a blessing!


Fran. said...

Hey Karen I have been praying so much also as I have a cuzin that lives on Long Island. She has been keeping us posted via facebook for as long as she can. So far they are doing ok. But are very prepared. I will lift more prayers for your family also and that your SIL will be able to make it on Thursday. I am praying this goes away soon! We are suppose to get snow from it! Yuck I'm not ready for that!! Your Snowman bottles are sweet. So glad you got a special order. I am making Christmas Mice and a new Frog doll. I'm just trying to keep busy. Can't wait to hear more! Take cae. Love ya, Fran. XOXO

~*~Patty S said...

What a difference a day makes to some here on the east coast that is. Here in the Wash DC area they had us braced for the worst but luckily we came thru ok. Sad for so many suffering...

What a great feeling it must be to know your hard work and play delighted so many at the various arts and crafts fairs dear Karen.

Enjoy your SIL's visit!

Laurie said...

It's hard to watch the bad news from what was once your nice that all the nation has been praying for the east coast. That craft fair looked like so much fun! I hope you had good sales, too.