Monday, November 5, 2012

All In The Family

This family is very blessed....everyone made it through the past week of Sandy's rampage with only minor inconvenience.  Little brother, who lives on the upper west side of Manhattan, was able to watch the Hudson River safely from his apartment...equating the river's dynamics to that of a Waring blender.  

On Long Island the folks were central, so a safe distance from the Atlantic and also Long Island Sound.

In PA our family and friends saw mere hiccups of power, winds and rain.  Philadelphia, one of the cities targeted for a severe hit, escaped with minimal fallout.  

Thank you dear God for blessing us...we continue to pray for those who suffer from Sandy's touch.

Not only was Sis able to keep her flight reservation for Thursday, but her plane touched down in Phoenix 25 minutes early!

She arranged to meet an old chum at the Arizona Biltmore

Sandie and Sis had not seen one another in 52 years!

Sweet Sandie treated us to a most delicious lunch at Frank and Alberts, aptly named for the architects of the hotel ~ Frank Lloyd Wright and his student Albert Chase McArthur.

Heading back to Tucson after lunch, we've managed to fill each day with activity ~ 

Friday included a trip up to the beautiful La Encantada center where Sis treated me to lunch at the incomparable "Blanco."

Next, we stopped in to MAC, so Sis could see her Goddaughter/Niece working her craft...

Friday night was a most delicious grilled dinner at home with "all hands on deck."

Sister and Brother shucking the corn
We spent the weekend shopping, checking in with the Scrap Happies, and visiting Ron at work...

attending Mass and finishing with  a family dinner on Sunday.

Today, Kiki, Sis and I are off to see what trouble we can get into at the 22nd Street Antique Mall ~ dangerous!!!

We have more adventures planned this week, so be sure to stop by again.  

Here are a couple of Halloween cuties I'd like to share with you...

Cat Burglar

As always, I send you wishes for an end to troubles, a kiss of Autumn, and a most delightful week. 

 Remember to VOTE tomorrow....



Unknown said...

What fun you girls have had! I;m so glad everyone on your end is allright!! Sandy was such a problem to many! Have fun at the antique mall dearies!


~*~Patty S said...

Looks like a fun time with lots of special get togethers!

The last thing anyone in the disaster areas needed was snow...
it certainly is nice not having to watch another political ad on TV and the people have spoken.

Take care dear Karen

Fran. said...

Hello Dear Friend!!Loved this post! And I tried to comment awhile ago but it didn't go through!! EWW computers!! Your girls are so adorable as Madonna and the Cat burguler!! So glad everyone is safe!! I also love the pic of your husband and his sister! A precious memory!! Great cabinet in the background too. So Karen I gues you could say I am down in the rabbit hole this week my craft show is this weekend at my church taht I co-chair!! So I I get busy and going!! Praying it is all worth all the hard work and you know what I mean!! LOL Have a great day!! XOXO Love Fran.