Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just Time To Catch My Breath...

Just time to catch my breath before finishing up that DAUNTING task of Holiday Decorating!!  Normally, I wouldn't be racing the clock, but my Holiday Trunk Show is this Sunday and a home has to be wearing it's Christmas best if it's welcoming company, right?

This is how it went down this year....
Saturday I spent the better part of the day switching out my everyday dishes for my Christmas dishes.

Stopped for a short visit with friend Shann, and then finished up.  Doesn't look like much, but remember....everyday dishes and glassware have to be wrapped and put away, since no elves showed up to help!

Sunday dawned and after a morning with the girls and hubs, I dug in and managed to get this much done....

Vintage Junk Drawer Advent Calendar

my favorite German carousel residing in the entry way

Nativity and Nutcrackers (the nutcrackers live there year-round)

the Belsnickels

the Santas
So, the dining room and most of the living room is finished.  Yay!
But tomorrow brings the angels in the breakfast room and the doo-dads in the kitchen.  Should be pretty easy.

You may have noticed the absence of a Christmas tree...that won't go up 'till after the Trunk Show, in the interest of foot traffic and "flow."

While I toiled away inside, Mr. Man was toiling outside and here's the pretty picture in waning daylight ~

and as the sun was setting ~

In between, dear old dad also finished up the outside decorating for Kiki and Shotzie (no pix, sorry!)

It's going to be a pretty busy week as I've got last minute things to do for the Trunk Show on Sunday.  I'll be sharing all of that with you next week!

Advent has begun... One of the loveliest things to mark the start of this glorious season is the lighting of the Advent wreath each week at Mass.  It was exciting to see the new wreath last night and watch as Fr. Paul blessed it and lit the first candle.

Blessings and love to you this week, and always.  May your holiday preparations be stress-free!


Terri said...

Hello Karen,
Your home looks ready for Christmas! You must have a ton of energy to get so much done already. I am way behind you.
Your Christmas dishes look lovely all together like that.
I know what you mean about busy! Now December is here, time is really flying by!

Fran. said...

Well aren't you fancy girl!! I LOVE all the Christmas goodies you have!! Isn't it fun every year to get them out and rearrange them in new ways? I am so bummed right now I can't upload any pics and I wan to blog and catch up. I miss everyone satoppin by!! Your porch will be so welcoming to people as they come up to it!! I saw some Christmas Dots candy today at the store and thought about you!! LOL The box is really pretty!! Have agreat week and I will be looking forward to pics nextweek! Hope you sell out!! XOXO Love Fran.

lynn said...

what a lovely job you did decorating.. i really love the advent calendar.. so unique.. and those huge nutcrackers out side.. my daughter would go crazy for them. actually that is what she asked me for christmas this year. :)
would have loved to be at church with you.... to celebrate our most Blessed gift of the season.
have a wonderful week
big ladybug hugs

Unknown said...

I am in love with your decor! So much of it too, you are one magical gal my dear! I hope your preps are stress free, sure isnt the thing in my house! :)