Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Very Sweet Week

It was a very sweet week, indeed ~

I spent the first three days organizing the gazillion and one (by actual count) beads, pearls, treasures, etc. purchased at the Gem Show.  

Now, my system is far from shabby chic, flea market hip, or French soignee.  It's basic, utilitarianism keeps me on my toes with what I have and encourages me to use it because I can see it.....  

The finishing of any jewelry piece takes place in my home office.  

It's a cozy spot and I feel an appropriate workspace for the final touches for these special creations.

The hardcore/really messy work takes place in the studio which is attached to our garage.  This would be paper alterations, sewing, metal fabrication, etching, soldering, and forging.  

I love my studio for those purposes...

So, let me share what's come off the worktable this week...

First, we have some wild west badge necklaces...

A couple of embellished etched cuffs....


The following 2 pairs of earrings are created with the enameled beads and head pins I made in Barbara Lewis' Painting With Fire class a week ago.

special order

special order

Ah, but Valentine's Day was fast approaching and my stress level began to rise.  You see, my family has come to expect no less than a homemade card...

The girls were easy, and I broke out my Valentine container where I discovered a horde of paper, trims, and vintage nut cups! Easy peasy....

A card for each...(with some "green" inside)

a nut cup as well with fairly "lo-cal" candy!
Well, the hubs was another story.  I'll tell you, after 42+ years of  sharing Valentines Day, it gets a little challenging!  

PINTEREST  to the rescue!! Oh, by the way, I still don't know how to add the Pinterest button to my blog but I'm on there so I would love for you to follow me if you Pinterest.

But I digress ~ I have a Valentine Board on Pinterest and it saved the day.  The Dating Divas to the rescue!  

Tags were printed, each one wrapped in white tissue paper, and sealed each with adorable Valentine washi tape.  

Hiding them in all the places I knew hubby would be visiting on Valentine's morning was easy...

Last, but not least...The Card!

He LOVED it, and showered me with Valentine love as well.  We decided to postpone Valentine Date Night until Saturday, and we enjoyed an amazing steak dinner at the Silver Saddle Steakhouse.  

It was worth the wait!

One last snippet....I will be holding a Trunk Show at dear Nancy's home in North Scottsdale this coming Sunday, February 24th from 1-6 pm.  If you're in the area and would like to attend, please comment or email me and I will send you the invitation with her address.

I hope you had a very sweet week as well, and that this week is even sweeter!  Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me.  Blessings!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Week That Was!

Wow ~ Yowza ~ Awesome!!  That was my week...a week filled with classes, friends, inspiration, and treasures!!

Shopping trips to the Gem Mall, Doubletree, Windmill Inn, Viscount...just to name a few, were fabulous and successful ventures.  

I haven't many pix from the venues, as they've gotten pretty strict about taking photos, but here are a couple of rogue ones I managed to get!

Sandy Schorr

Nunn Design

Star Gems

Classes began for me on Tuesday with the lady who (in my humble opinion) wrote the book on enameling ~ Barbara Lewis ~  And she literally did write the book "Painting With Fire." 

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your talent and art with us....I journeyed from this:

to this:

Wednesday was another enameling class and this time we created earrings from our enameled beads.  Mine are getting their finishing touches, so I will share them on a future post.

I see a lot more enameling in my future!

Barb Solem and daughter Erin (aka Vivi Magoo) really know how to put together a fabulous event ~ 

Our leaders ~ Barb
And adorable Erin

ARITD kicked off on Thursday with a field trip to the Gem Mall ~

Friday was the first day of classes.  Sandra and I enjoyed Riki Schumacher's "Le Petite Photo" class....

our personal set-ups

Isn't she adorable!!

Riki's demo

My beginning....

I'm getting there....

Ta-da!  Le Petite Photo 

wearing our treasures with our treasure of a teacher!

On Sunday I joined this lovely group of ladies 
L-R: Diane, SueAnn, Renee, Barbara, Rita, Me, Joan, Sharleen
for Diane Cook's Gilded Heart class

What an amazing class!  Come follow me as I learn  how to gild with solder!!  

Set up

Add caption

Thank you dearest Diane for your inspiration and wisdom,

and all the amazing artists/instructors who made this retreat a reality!  

Well, the Retreat has come to an end and we've scattered to the wind, until the next time...

As for me ~ I'm back in the bee skep to put the finishing touches on the treasures I'm taking to Scottsdale for my Trunk Show on February 24th.  

If you live the area and would like to join us, comment or email your info to me and I will send out an e-vite.  

Have a warm and happy week, my dear hearts.  It's a noteworthy week, you know...

Begins this Wednesday

Happy Valentine's Day is this Thursday

Happy hearts, hugs, and kisses!