Monday, May 27, 2013

May We Never Forget....

While we shop the sales, barbecue with family and friends, enjoy a drink poolside, or just plain relax this holiday...let us take a moment to remember those who made all these things possible.

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day ~ see you next Monday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reely Big Shew!

In the words of the immortal, Ed Sullivan....It was a "Reely big shew!"  Of course I'm referring to A Ladies Rendezvous at the Rincon Grill, which debuted on Saturday.  BUT ~ (shame on me...I was having soooo much fun, I forgot to take pictures!!)

Wendy Canales Bush pulled off the most amazing event, and she's set the bar pretty high for her next event.  Twenty plus vendors, catering to women, were on hand to answer our every want and need!  Lovely, amazing ladies who are anxiously waiting for Wendy's next show!

The staff at Forty-Niner Country Club was incredible, and danced attention on everyone's needs. Thanks especially to Director of Club Events, Casey Polvichak, who made it happen ~ hors d'oeuvres, dinner selections, beverages, comfy tables and chairs outside, and a gorgeous view of the golf course!  Who could ask for a lovelier venue?

I want to send a special thank you to my sweet, loyal friends and clients...Roxanne, Valerie, Pat, Zhanna, Bill, and Chris, for your love and support that night.  I made many new friends as well, and a special couple ~ Laura and Dan (fellow Lancers!) ~ it was a joy visiting with you!

So, last week meant preparation and the Hive was buzzin' with some new items for your pleasure ~

East Egg

Hearts & Flowers

Alex & Amy

BoHo Spirit

Lemon Lime

Coffee & Cream

Summer Splash

Sea Treasure

Copper Bling

Orange Pearl Sparkle

Go Cats!
Caramel Cream

Wire midi rings

Summer Rain

Spring Violets
The Gatsby
What's in store for this week you ask....I'm working on a special order for Zhanna and will share that with you soon.

I'm also reopening my Etsy shop (link on my sidebar).  It's been on hiatus, but you will soon be able to purchase on Etsy, anything that I've listed in The Boutique.

I've immersed myself in a number of online classes so I'll be getting back to the workbench to catch up with those ~ fun stuff to share coming up!

Lunch with Nancy tomorrow and planning for the Memorial Day weekend with my lovely family.

What's on your calendar?  I hope you've peppered your days with happy times!

Loving thanks for sharing your visit with me today... I won't be blogging next Monday as it's a holiday, but I'm wishing you a lovely holiday weekend, wherever it may take you.

Be safe and don't forget your sunscreen!

Thank you to the men and women who've given their lives for us...

Representing the Brownies of East Meadow ~ Memorial Day, 1957

Monday, May 13, 2013

Merry Month of May!

At Mass on Saturday night,  Deacon Paul gave the homily and he focused on mothers.  Ron and I were both touched by his words as he referenced females of all walks of life.  We may be biological or adoptive,  an aunt or granny, a best friend or kissing cousin ~ but we are mothers, none-the-less.  We nurture, advise, show compassion, assist, and LOVE!

What a very special message!  So, albeit a day late ~ I'd like to wish all the ladies in my audience a beautiful and Happy Mother's Day!

Our dear family enjoyed the day together ~ from breakfast through dinner ~ I didn't lift a finger.  I was showered with so much love, I think it will carry me through to next Mother's Day!

Ron and the girls accompanied me  to Gather, A Vintage Market...

Afterwards, the girls and I spent the rest of the day scouring our local thrift stores ~

You see,  our Kiki has just opened an Etsy Shop!  You can visit her by clicking HERE

She launched her shop last Monday and had two sales that night!!
I just have to make sure that she doesn't go "shopping" in my house!

The Hive's been buzzin' and I'll share a few of the newest necklace arrivals to the Boutique...

Bracelets, as well...

I'm also excited to share a very special piece I was commissioned to create for my sweet friend, Donna...

Which leads me to my next exciting announcement!

This Saturday, May 18th, I will take my Trunk Show on the road and participate in
 A Ladies Rendezvous at the Rincon Mountain Grill
Click the link to learn more about the wonderful vendors I will be joining that evening.  It's going to be fabulous ~ come for dinner and stay to shop!

For my dear out-of-town friends, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING this week, in celebration of the Ladies Rendezvous.  Shop my Boutique and email me with your wishes.

I'm busy, as well, with online classes and an online retreat that's just a few weeks away.  More to come on that as it happens....

I did treat myself to a lovely vest ~ what do you think?

Visit my friend, Lori, at Katie's Rose Cottage ~ she has the yummiest fashions at amazing, affordable prices!

Well, that's a wrap!  Enjoy your beautiful week, my friends....the birds are chirping, butterfly's are flying, flowers blooming, and the grass is green ~ for what more can we ask?  Life is a blessing!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Farewell April....Hello May!

I must say, when I sat down to think about my blog this week my head was spinning!  This past week was wonderful, but oh so very busy.

April took her leave....

And I spent those two days with sweet friends, antiquing....

And lunching....

May arrived on Wednesday, and ushered in our 43rd wedding anniversary!  Here's the card I made for my groom ~ the hearts are road map images of the 8 cities in which we'ved lived since May 1, 1970...

Wednesday also marked the return of my chickens from a Phoenix visit ~ both girls took a week's vacation, and I was very indulged as they shared their days with me!

Last week I mentioned that there was much to be done in the Hive, so I don't want you to think that it's been all play ~ I've been working too ~


Just a few....


I also want to share these with you, from my most recent online class in Creative Workshops...
"Soulful Adornment" with the very talented Terri Heinz.

They are not finished ~ I'm midway through creating the chains for them...

I'm also very excited to share this lovely ~ a piece commissioned by my sweet friend, Donna...

So, if this wasn't enough excitement in my week ~ Tyler Tesi arrived on Tuesday!  I got to spend special time with Tyler, Gianna, Kelly, and Mike on Saturday...

sweet, precious boy slept in my arms for 1 hour!
Before I leave you today, (you already know I have jewels on the table waiting for me), I wanted to share a very special event that's happening very soon!

Click here for the details of A Ladies Rendezvous at the Rincon Mountain Grill ~  I will be there and hope to see you too!

Have a beautiful week, my dear friends....May is in full bloom here in the desert and we're loving our warm days and balmy nights...Blessings to you!