Sunday, June 30, 2013

School DAZE!!

Hey there ~ did you miss me???

I'ven been MIA from visiting blogs, answering emails, and last week's Monday Musing!

I have a good reason ~ 3 to be exact ~ HONEST!

Okay.... I did NOT run away and join the Circus

Or the Rodeo...

I didn't even slack off to read a book....

Or indulge myself in exotic beauty treatments....

If you haven't guessed the reason for my absence, then scroll back up to the blog title and I think you'll get it ~

I've been in School!

For the past two weeks, I've taken 3 classes from 3 amazing, talented, kind, and generous artists who are at the top of their field.

Diane Cook gave me the instruction, support and love to create this....

And this....

And this (it's been sold ~ thank you, sweet Amy!)

At the same time, I was knee deep in loveliness with Riki Schumacher, whose fantastic love, support, and instruction enabled me to create this....

Not to be sitting idle for even a minute, Deryn Mentock opened her online class, Bezel Bootcamp, and I was there ~ raising my hand for roll call!

Just completed and waiting for necklaces are these bezels....

And these....

Yes, I did correct the opening at the bottom of the rhinestone chain ~ it no longer has a little gap!

Thank you, lovely Deryn, Diane, and Riki ~ You are amazing ladies ~ artists ~ friends....I am more creative, more insightful, and more accomplished because of YOU!  

Oh, in case you're wondering how I pulled it off ~ racing from class to class ~ hauling my cookies...
These are online classes, which you can find here and here!

Right now I'm catching my breath and creating necklaces for these lovelies....because.....

Session Two of Artful Gathering begins in just 2 weeks!

If you enjoyed the old photos on my blog this week, you can find them, and their sources, on my Pinterest board titled "Kodachrome."  Thank you, Pinterest!!

Have a beautiful week, dear friends, and thank you so much for your visit!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bluest Skies Are In Seattle

Seattle Space Needle ~ built for the 1962 World's Fair
Since a playlist is no longer an option on Blogger, I wanted to share some background music with you today ~ so click the link here and come back to the blog and enjoy the pictures from our visit last week to Seattle!

First stop ~ Pike Place Market

Fish were fresh caught, but not thrown while we were there!
So, who could resist the steamers?

Or the fresh catch of the day ~ True Cod

Thank you, Jack!

We enjoyed our scrumptious lunch al fresco, where we could take in some of the fabulous architecture of Seattle...

Some other great stops at Pike Place Market....

Athenian Seafood Restaurant....

Where this film treasure filmed a scene...

{sorry for the glare!}
The last two stools on your right were seats for Rob Reiner and Tom Hanks
Lots of ethnic foods to be savored....

And how could we miss the ORIGINAL Starbucks ~ where it all started on March 30, 1971!

On Friday we drove over to Bremerton as my sweetie had business there...

Some cool weather, lovely clouds, and sprinkles accompanied us
Bremerton is home to ~

Aircraft carrier


Inert Torpedo
A lovely little park...

We decided to return to Seattle via ferry boat.  I haven't been on a ferry since I last rode the Staten Island Ferry in 1968.  WOW... Have ferry boats changed!

Approaching our boat

About to board...

Pulling up to our parking spot
Middle level interior accomodations

Looking down the hall toward the bow
Here we're approaching the port in Seattle...the boat you see is another ferry ~ same size as ours...

I'm going to close for now.  Lots more pictures to share but you'll have to stop back next week!
We had an amazing time and loved every minute that we were in the Emerald State.  Suitcases are calling to be unpacked!

Thank you so much for visiting with me today, dear friends.  Have a most beautiful week!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What's New? Oh, Not Much....

So, what's goin' on?

As I thought about last week my initial reaction was "ho-hum," pretty quiet and tame.  Then I looked back at my calendar for the week and saw all the little "dots"

On Monday, June 3rd, I had the immense pleasure of visiting with a friend for 1.5 hrs. at a Starbucks!  The initial purpose was to deliver this necklace....

However, much to our amazement the minutes just ticked away as we had so much to share and enjoy with each other.

Tuesday marked the beginning of my new session of Adaptive Arthritis Aquatics (say that 3x fast!!)

It's such a blessing for my hip ~ amazing what 93 degree water can do for you!

Wednesday did not begin on a good note ~ I woke up that morning to NO CABLE NO INTERNET!
Arrrrrgh!  I love how connected we are, but dread a break down of any kind that disconnects us from the world!  Cox set an appt. for Thursday and with Ron away on biz, I could survive w/o TV!

I knew the good Lord was saying, "Karen, you have better things to do with the gifts I've given to you!"

That afternoon, I was able to spend time with my sweet friend Sandy and deliver her necklace ~ one of my broken china pendants...

Sandy's is the center necklace
Thursday was lovely.  Cox showed up on time in the morning, the problem was with their intake box on the telephone pole, and we were back in the saddle in under an hour!

Fortunately, I had an appointment for hair color with my dear Tammy at 3:30 Thursday afternoon.  Ahhhh ~ relaxation!

I also began my First Session classes with Artful Gathering...
Here are some beginnings from my Crystal Drops class with Diane Cook.  They will become gorgeous necklaces, featuring chandelier crystals!

On Friday I put on my "Mommy" hat once again.  With grown daughters, who are amazing accomplished women, it's not often I get to really "mother" them.
Yet, oral surgery and the extraction of 4 wisdom teeth call for Mom, and our Kiki has been happy to have me by her side.

Happy to say that our patient is recuperating nicely and heading back to work tomorrow.  Of course the mother in me would rather she stay home a few more days, but as we all know, we can only push things so far!

I realized I haven't shared all my recent doings with you...which are available in my Etsy Shop, just click here or click the button on the blog's sidebar...

Angels Live Here

Fly My Heart

Her Little Ways
Happy Heart

Well kids, that's a wrap for last week.  This week will continue to provide much diversion, so I hope you'll join me again next Monday.

Enjoy your week ~ your days ~ hours and minutes....they do fly by...

You just may be surprised how rich is your life!
Blessings from my heart!