Monday, July 29, 2013

Sometimes A Week Is Like That...

Sometimes a week is like that ~ more sad than happy ~ but, I guess that just helps us to better appreciate the beauty and gifts which surround us.

I began my week spending one last visit with Jennifer and the girls before they left was a bittersweet day, but how can you allow sadness into your heart when you're enveloped in the love of two precious little ones...

I busied myself with finishing up cuffs from Diane Cook's Window To My Heart class....

Thursday brought very sad news as the mother of one of my dearest friends had passed.  Having lost my own mother in 2001, I felt the pain of loss once again, and could only offer sweet friend my time and comfort...

Friday came and with it departures, some permanent ~ one temporary....

The Del Castillos were on their way to their new home in Washington state ~

And my sweet girls were on their way to California for a mini-vacation ~

First stop was two days in Newport Beach with dear friend Milena.  They visited her new store, Heirloom...
Then two days in San Diego with sweet friend, Eva...
I miss these girls terribly, but I'm comforted knowing they're having a ball and will be heading home tomorrow.

I guess the classroom is in my blood....friends and colleagues head back to school this week, and so do I.  There's still time to sign up for classes at Artful Gathering, and that's just what I did!

Call me crazy, with just 11 sleeps till our vacation, but I couldn't help myself!  You'll find me in Kecia Deveney's classroom, enjoying the Adventures In Soldering.

I have to share this tidbit with you ~ I'm so honored to be in the Artful Gathering banner as highlighted student work!  Thank you so much, dear Zinnia!

I also have a very special project on the workbench....a tribute piece for a special friend, in memory of her beloved mother.

So, the big wheel keeps on turning and another beautiful day looms ahead.
Our rains keep teasing, but we're hopeful for more in this parched desert.
Have a beautiful week, my lovely family and friends ~ and by all means, love the ones you're with!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Whimsy Of A Week!

Can you find me???

School's back in session, and I'm excited!!  I'm taking two new classes at Artful Gathering ~ Windows to My Heart with Diane Cook and Whimsical Teensies with Riki Schumacher.

This week I'm going to share the Whimsies with you ~ these are not worn as jewelry, but they are to adorn your home or favorite space!

Completely handcrafted, they may be personalized to suit all tastes....

Riki really encouraged us to break out on our own with pattern design, and that's what I did!

But first, let me share my debut piece ~ Riki's Star, which I completed according to her specific instructions....

I call her "Shine" ~

I love Riki's classes.  Not only are her designs remarkable, but her instructions and video presentations are top drawer ~ I'm always thrilled when she presents a new tutorial!

Here's another one of Riki's designs ~ isn't she a sweetie?  I just loved creating her!

I think I "student well" and so here are my very own original designs (except that I borrowed the "bone" and "wings" patterns from Riki - thank you, Riki!)

This is "Poot" ~ Kiki's black pug...

Here's "Peppy" ~ Shotzie's black oriental kitty...

Lastly, I created "Bubble Bliss" - a sweet angel in a winged heart...

I hope you enjoyed these lovelies.  I sure enjoyed making them!  I have a few more patterns on the drawing pad and will reveal when they're finished.  All Whimsies will be available in my Etsy shop, or contact me directly for personalization.

In the meantime, I'm hoping my two texture hammers arrive this week - the only thing holding me back from moving forward with Diane Cook's "Window to My Heart" cuff.  These cuffs are awesome and I've got 5 of them waiting in the wings!

Sending you love and thanks for stopping by... and good thoughts for a very happy week!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy As a Bee & Bye Bye

Oh my, time came to say "so long, and bye bye."

Our sweet friends, the Del Castillos, will be moving to the state of Washington at the end of the month. Not an easy farewell, as we've known Jennifer and Michael from courtship to engagement to marriage to the births of sweet Olivia and Ava.

So, it was with sweet sadness that we bid "adieu" to our dear friends on Saturday night....

This is such a great career move for Michael, and his family will enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer,  so while their departure is bittersweet....the Hess family is thrilled for the Del family and the adventure which lays ahead!

We had so much fun at the party....

Miss O, Ava B, and friend
All the little children kept us entertained throughout the evening with costume changes, dancing, and parades!

Handprints to hang in their new home....

With all of their family and friends in AZ, especially Tucson, we know that there will be many trips back to the Old Pueblo (remember Dels, we have a guest house!)

This was an incredibly busy week for me as the First Session of Artful Gathering came to a close....

So, here's a peek at what came off the workbench this week ~ soon to be listed in my Etsy Shop.

Even though First Session has ended, I'm back to class tomorrow as Second Session begins!  I'm so excited to once again be sitting in class with talented, generous fellow students and the most amazing instructors/mentors!  So, stay tuned for more!!

Have a beautiful week, lovely friends...Me? Today is a "day off" from the studio as I've been invited to join Kiki, Kelly, Gianna, and Tyler for lunch!  Can't wait to see them and catch up...

Have a glorious week and know that you're in my heart!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

thank you RedLead Paperworks for this image

What a glorious 4th of July ~ our little family was able to celebrate the day together, not often the case with 3 members in the retail industry!

We headed up to see our dear friends, the Del Castillos....

On the way we stopped to pick up the party fare ~ Eegees ~

A Party Grinder and the July "must have" ~ WATERMELON Eegees!!

 For those non-Arizonans, an Eegees is the softest, smoothest REAL fruit flavored shaved ice you can imagine.  It is a local treasure started by two fellows backs in the 70's.  You can read about them here.

With party fare in hand, and back on the road again, we decided to see a little of the old neighborhood we called home for our first 17 years in Tucson....

A sign for the dance studio where the girls spent many hours, doing what they loved so very much...

Mandy's junior high school....

Now a "middle school" with a new monument sign...

Things change, somewhat, but the memories are still as sweet as they were back then.

We arrived at the Del's and were greeted by these two little cuties ~ the sweetest little girls, Olivia and Ava ~

Sweeties are wearing the tee shirts their aunties, Mandy and Melissa, gave them
Luncheon was served!

Watermelon and Pina Colada Eegees
A perfect no-preparation holiday feast, considering our non-stop 100+ degree temps we've had of late!

With that in mind, we spent the day time hours relaxed and cool in the pool!

Now that they are legal in AZ, we prepared for the evening hours as well with a fun "arsenal" of approved fireworks!

Hoping your holiday was a happy and safe celebration.  We continue to count our blessings each day, especially for the freedom our forefathers secured for us!

I'd love to share a few finished necklaces with you ~ these are now available for purchase in my Etsy Shop

Have a beautiful week, sweet friends, and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!