Monday, September 9, 2013

And Time Flew By!

Oh my gosh ~ has it really been 5 weeks since our last visit???  

I must say I really did miss your company, but I managed to stay very busy during that time of "rest!"

Let me begin by sharing some vacation photos with you. 

Many of you know that our greatest vacation pleasure for the year is the family and friends getaway to Ocean City, MD.

Our flight to Baltimore has always been a pleasure...

The drive to Ocean City, an easy one...with some laughs along the way!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
And finally, the pleasure that awaits us!

The views from the living room deck don't get any better than this!

Of course there are always gifts to give one another....
some pretty hot dudes with their do-rags and shades!
and for the ladies...

Some of our favorite watering holes included...

One morning, Rachelle and I snuck away to the quaint and historic town of Berlin.  Having been there before, I was so happy to introduce Rachelle to its charms.

We did some antiquing and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Atlantic Hotel ~ both historic and supposedly haunted!

With all the fun in the sun we were having, it wouldn't be complete without numerous trips to Ocean City's Boardwalk...

For my east coast pals, we managed to have our fill of ~

Believe it or not, with all the swimming and walking I did manage to come home without any additional poundage, for which I'm very pleased!

We're home ~ doing the re-entry dance from vacation.  Lot's happening, so I can't wait to share it with you next Monday. 

Have a beautiful week dear friends and thank you for your visit...
I missed you!


~*~Patty S said...

ahhh your lovely east coast vacation!
Fun to see all of the smiling faces...fab photos bringing back memories from a fair number of visits there
...that's where I went with a girlfriend to celebrate graduating high school way back when even ;)...
in your Berlin Hotel photo you brought back a super memory of a couple of years ago...the brick bldg (a bank maybe?) off to the left hand side of the porch has an amazing pine tree behind it with pinecones that look like ROSES! ... somewhere I have a wee collection that I brought home with me :)

You made me hungry
you made me smile
glad you had such a nice time away and I adore the first photo you created very much as well
Welcome back dear Karen
p.s. Have you ever visited the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore? It is amazing...I am guessing you land at BWI and your feet have wings to make the drive to THE BEACH tho ;)

~*~Patty S said...

oops called it the BERLIN Hotel and it's the Atlantic :)

Fran. said...

OH MY GOSH I REALLY MISSED YOU KAREN!!! And I am so laughing at your husband in the dew rag!! I Love it!! Tell him looks really hip in the dew rag!!! LOL What awesome pics!! I am suppose to e going to see Kailtin I Connecticut on the 22nd of this month!! Lookin forward to it and seeing the ocean for the first time!! LOL I want to get some salt water taffy when I go. Learning a lot about Connecticut since Kaitlin has been there!! One thing is she hates driving there!! LOL THANKS for sharing!! SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

Nancy said...

Enjoyed your vacation photos. What a lovely family you have. We were on LI for 3 weeks in August as our son got married. I always enjoy going back "home" and seeing what has changed and what is still the same. I had lunch with Sue Wickstrom one day and Rhonda Korba another day. It was great to visit with them.

debi said...

Nice to see you back Karen! Looks like you had an amazing vacation!! Your hair is so cute.