Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inside ~ Outside Reveal!

Well, it's finished!  The office in the house has been delegated to only the fine finishing of jewelry ~

Designing takes place here ~

While the art of beading and chaining takes place here ~

Plenty of storage for all the precious findings, wire, metal, beads and pearls ~

Three vintage jewelry boxes hold all the vintage "jewels"

Lillie provides the "form" for final fittings ~

I decided to forgo any idea of shabby chic, euro flair, or kitchy design, for an office that would be functional.  I knew I needed to be able to see my materials in order to use them.  This works for me!

So ~ onward,  to the outside and my Studio!  The Studio is attached to our guest house and offers complete privacy for both artist and guest.  How lucky can a girl get?  I'm able to pound, etch, solder and do all sorts of yucky stuff without bothering anyone!

 During the past three years my Studio has morphed from dedicated paper art, to jewelry.  Will I be changing it again?  I would think and hope so....

As my jewelry evolves, so will the work place ~ new tools and equipment come with the territory.
I hope you enjoyed my reveal.  I so enjoyed sharing it with you.

Oh, by the way ~ each day, the office and/or Studio start out in a very clean and pristine state long as I'm involved in a project the space often could be mistaken for Grant taking Richmond!!

Have a most beautiful week, my lovely friends.  I'm off to get ready for some very, very special friends who will be spending the next two days with us!


Lucy Kalstrom said...

Your space is fantastic Karen! Wow :D I am in awe of the amount of space, light and order you have created. The table with the "Queen Anne" style legs reminds me of a coffee table I have. I gotta get sorted!

debi said...

Karen, your new spaces are wonderful!! Your office space is really beautiful, and both offer lots of inspiration. Have fun!

Sueann said...

It looks fabulous for sure!!! I love it all....congrats.
Thanks so much for I am forced to clean up my act/studio!

~*~Patty S said...

Well you've been busy dear Karen ... what neat and tidy work spaces you have there...
Fun to see where the magic happens!
Happy last day of September...
looking forward to what October brings ♥

Fran. said...

LOL and so glad I am not the only one that makes a creative bomb out things!!! I am in the mood to clean up and organize my WHOLE house!!! I think I better act on it while the mood is here!! You inspire me!! XOXO Love Fran.