Monday, January 6, 2014

A Gentle Beginning....

For me, 2014 entered quite gently, and I'm so grateful for that as our 2 month Thanksgiving/Christmas season was wildly busy.

January 1, 2014 brought me back around to a project I began on January 1, 2013....some of you may remember my "Daily Card Journal Drawer".......

I'm pleased as punch to tell you that I completed a notation for every day of 2013 ~ some short and sweet, some a little lengthy, given the day's activity...

Another notation, waiting for me...
I must confess to you that I'm the Queen of Unfinished Projects, so this little drawer was a personal coup for me!

While my week was beautifully calm and quiet, I enjoyed a fabulous belated Birthday lunch with my dear friend, and former teaching colleague,  Nancy Smith.  

She treated me to yummy fish tacos at Blanco...

and a dee-lish dessert (one of my favorites) ~ Tres Leches Cake

Nancy and I try to get together once a month, but due to schedules and illness, our last visit was in August.  We had a LOT of catching up to do!

I wonder if you're thinking...."There's something missing ~ no new jewelry creations"

You're right, the Hive is "Closed for Vacation." 

However, I do have a few custom orders so I hope to have something to show you next week.  Oh, and Art Retreat in the Desert is right around the corner and I'll be taking 3 classes ~ loaded with new techniques!

I've got some home projects slated for the month, and a guest house to ready-up for dear Rachelle, 
who arrives at the end of the month. YAY!!

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying dinner and lunch with friends, a scrap date with dear heart Debbie, a visit with friends from back east, and the peace and quiet of 

I send you wishes for a warm and peaceful week, as well.  To my family and friends who are toughing out the snow and bitter temps, I pray the sun will shine soon and stay with you.

Have a blessed week, my lovelies!

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