Monday, May 12, 2014

REMARKABLE Family and Friends!

The big day was approaching.....


Tu Nidito would celebrate five Remarkable Moms on Saturday, May 10th.
As you may know, I was honored to be part of this remarkable group.
On Friday, my youngest brother Erik arrived from NYC to help celebrate the occasion.  What a blessing to have him there with me, my family and friends....for 3 days!

We celebrated family on Friday night at Frog and Firkin....

Saturday was a virtually calm day....the men were off to the car show at the U of AZ mall, Kiki was working, and Shotzie was there to support me and keep me "cool."

I want to thank Gadabout SalonSpas for the complimentary shampoo and styling I received that afternoon, and to my dear friend Tammy, who provided her amazing talents so my hair would be perfect!

Thank you, sweet Shotzie, for using your artistic talents and fabulous MAC products to transform this 66 year old face....I felt like a prom queen!

At 5:00 we were off to the party....
Erik, me, Ron
The girls followed shortly after, escorted by dear friend Jerry....

The RM's (Remarkable Moms) were treated to a private champagne toast, where we received our beautiful pink satin sashes and orchid corsage...

Beautiful Donna, my sponsor

Following the toast, we joined our family, friends, and celebrators at the Silent Auction.  We were treated to live music, hors' d'oeuvres, and drinks.

Finding our table....

A beautiful basket filled with goodies donated in my honor from Donna & Mike
A donation from Karen's Monday Musings
A donation from The Window Depot (thank you, Ron!)
Fantastic dancing music!
the love of my life!

Sweet girlfriends! Debbie, me, Geri, and Sandra
Teaching colleague and dear friend, Nancy with hubby Cliff
With the "kids" ~ Jerry, Shotzie, and Kiki

Table fun!

Having fun!
Posing with Adriana, our Remarkble Chair
 The Silent Auction was ending and we were ushered into the Kiva Ballroom for dinner, dancing, and tributes....

Our table

Sandra, Debbie and Rick
Our guests are watching the big screen as my tribute video is played.  My family and I are being interviewed, each individually.  I'm completely overwhelmed!

I had no previous notion of what they said in their interview.  The video was amazing and the interviews were peppered with a montage of still photos from the past 44 years of my life with Ron, and our beautiful daughters.....

 Each and every video was amazing and I learned so much about my Remarkable "sisters!"
Donna, Neelam, me, Tiana, Page
We danced the night away....the featured entertainment was fantastic with a Michael Jackson entourage and impersonator who really nailed it!

Here we are ~ click the video to play....

A perfect ending to a fairytale evening!

My heart is full to overflowing with love, joy, and gratitude to all of you who have supported me and, most importantly, Tu Nidito.  The difference your support will make in the lives of children and families who suffer loss is immeasurable.

This event would not be possible without everyone at Tu Nidito and all who support this amazing organization.

I would like to personally offer a very special thanks to my blessed family,  Rich and Pat, Erik, Ann, and Kate, Sandra, Nancy and Mike and daughters, Mark and Debbie, Chip and Rachelle, Aunt Jeanne, Debbie and Rick, Bob and Kip, Roberta and Pat, Shann and Brian, Mary and Pedro, The Window Depot, Barb and Jim Markert, Donna and Mike, Casino del Sol, Gadabout SalonSpas, Kat, Tammy, Laurie and Lisa Designs, Elements, Affinity Financial, and Salpointe Catholic High School.  I LOVE YOU!!!

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you, my beautiful friends and family.  I'll follow up next week with our Mothers Day shenanigans.

Have a blessed week ~ you are in my heart!


mrsthesun said...

You deserved this more than anyone else I know. You set an example for all of us and we are blessed by being close to you. I know that my life is certainly better for knowing you. I look forward to many, many years ahead, growing older together. I love you. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Oh Karol, This looks like a fairytale day indeed! What a special celebration of the most important people! :) I love seeing such joy and love celebrated! You are a very special mom and friend!


lynn said...

sweet karen firstly you look beautiful ... and i am so happy for your award.. you truly deserve it.. i have seen the wonderful posts about all the things you do .. and the organizations you are involved in... not to mention how wonderful a mother you are.... and a friend...
i am blessed to have you in my life..
many hugs to you and yours...

Unknown said...

Karen, thanks for sharing this with us. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so pleased to have met you and shared this honor with you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Karen. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I am honored to be among the women chosen to help support Tu Nidito that magical evening. It was a very successful evening.

Fran. said...

WOW Karen you have grown so much in the short period of time I've known you! You looked so beautiful in the pics! And I be you were overwhelmed!! You have a kind heart and you were blessed by it! Thanks for sharing with us!!! XOXO Love ya pretty lady Fran.

Unknown said...

Dear Karen, I do not know why I wrote Karol! This is so weird! I'm sorry. :)