Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No, Not 50 Years!

Can it be? Was I sleeping? Has it really been 50 years since my high school graduation?

Thank you to Sharon David, Diane Brodis, Stan Chess, and Eddie Waters, for making our 50th EMHS Reunion a reality!  You are the best!

I can't begin to tell you the joy that filled my heart for being a part of the celebration.  We spent four, fun-filled, every-minute-filled days on Long Island.  

So, here we go!

Arrived at LaGuardia airport on Thursday afternoon, picked up our rental car and headed out to Melville, LI.

Our destination that evening was Brio at the Walt Whitman Mall, where we dined with five dear friends ~ Rhonda, Candy, Gayle, Sharon, and Lois.

Then checked in at the Melville Marriott, official Reunion venue!

Late Friday morning, brother Erik stopped by for lunch and a wonderful visit...

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with old friends in the hotel lobby, while sweet hubby caught up on sports and sleep in our room.  He didn't want me to miss a reunion moment!

Terry, Steve, and Diane

Carol and Norma (obviously in disbelief about something!)

Terry, Jo Ann, Linda, Elisa and Stan
Our turnout was so successful, we occupied four salons!

The evening was magical!

Barry and Mickey

Carol (fellow cheerleader) and John

Carol, Morty, and Donny

Eileen and Kenny

Jim, Sue, Diane, Beth (fellow cheerleader), and Sharon

Kenny, Jackie, Eugene and Sharon

Candy and Rhonda 

Two Lindas and a Sharon

Lois and Len

Lorraine and Linda

Me with 4th grade friends and fellow cheerleaders, Lucy and Sha

Norma, Cary, and Richie

Ron, Diane, Jerry and wife

Ron, Lori, Steve, and me

Sharon, Linda, and Arlene

Front and center my sweet friend, Diane

Sharon, Sue, and two Steves

Sue and Bob

Steve and, my fellow cheerleader, wife Lori
The Gang!
Well, this was Friday night and the party ended all too soon. Activities planned for the rest of the weekend....

A brunch at the hotel on Saturday morning...

Beth, Sue, Carol, Morty, me, and Carol

Terry, Barry, Jo Ann, Ken, and Elisa
Rita, Helena, Steve, Gary, Evelyn, Ann (our exchange student who traveled here from Norway!) and Stan
Ron, Diane, Lou, and Danny

A tour of the high school ~ thank you SO much for making it happen, Eddie Waters!

Entered here every day from the bus bay

Girls' locker room hasn't changed!

Little brother, top left ~ EMHS Hall of Fame

Beloved friend and guide

That's Eddie, second from right, with the ladies ~ Little Theater

Training room....formerly our Senior Cafeteria
The Gym

Main Office
Yes, you can go home!  And we did...paid a visit to the two homes in which I grew up...
Chestnut Lane

Richmond Road

And visits to my elementary school...
Barnum Woods
 And junior high, now called a middle school...
Saturday finished with dinner at Borrelli's ~ an East Meadow landmark since 1955, still owned and operated by the Borrelli family.  We all have memories of dinners there as kids, pizza take out, and stopping for a slice and a Coke with your date after the movies or a dance.


Gary, Ann, and Eveyln

Jennifer, Eddie, and Kenny

Joe Dinoto

Arlene, Ron B., and Gayle

Sunday brought another reunion for me, this one a 46th....Noel and my brother Rich were an item in high school and we've all stayed in touch and maintained our friendship.  Ron was happy to finally meet the one person who has as much love for the NY Yankees as does he.  

We sojourned at the Boat House in Merrick for a wonderful brunch waterside, on Sunday.  Growing up, my dad always had boats and he used to dock them down at this marina.  
Sadly, we have no pix of the three of us as we were too busy yakking our off our faces!

We made it home safe and sound without a hitch.  I believe we're all looking forward to our next reunion....will it be 55 or 60?
Thanks again, Sharon, Diane, Stan and Eddie for an amazing job well done!


Deb Stertz said...

What a fabulous trip down memory lane! Great photos too! Someone should have videotaped you guys doing your high school cheer.

Popo and Gong Gong said...

Celebrated my 50th a year ago in PA. We did not have such a big affair. Our school looked much like yours, but it was K-12 and only one story. I was in one of the largest graduating class...52. Ron's was the largest, at 56. Maybe the next time, we can get a tour of the school. That would be so much fun. Looks like you had a wonderful time. It is fun to go back in time and celebrate those good times.


mrsthesun said...

Karen, thanks for sharing this. It was so much fun seeing where you went to high school. You had a great turn out. So glad that you had such a good time.