Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saw You in September!

 Hitting the road from Philly to Reading, Pa....

"See you in September"..the catch-phrase for my honey's 50th high school reunion.  We went, we saw, we loved, we renewed ~ it doesn't get better than that!  
Muhlenberg High School Class of '66 ~ you ROCK!! 

Visiting with family, old friends, new friends, old haunts...what a thrill!  Every day was filled with the love and hospitality of friends and family...
Friday night was "Muhls Night '66" at Viva!

Saturday was the "All Class Outing" ~

Sunday was the PARTY!!


Best friends...Best times!

Before heading home on Wednesday, we spent precious time with family...and old hangouts...

I can't say any more...this filled us with so much joy and appreciation for family, friends and memories ~ PRICELESS!