Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday Musings!

I thought I'd start off this week with a technique that I just absolutely love....a ribbon rose.  Not just any ribbon, but a wired ribbon that comes undone (partially) and winds up adopting that great shabby chic, vintage-y look.  Oh, did I mention I'm addicted to both shabby chic and vintage???  I AM!!  So, I'll take you through this, step-by-step, and you'll be on your way to creating fabulous embellishments (on the cheap!) for gifts, paper crafting, hair ornaments, clothing embellishments....the sky's the limit!  So, let's get started...

Handmade Ribbon Flower


1.   any wired ribbon of your choice.  I would suggest using a wide width for the first ribbon you make.
A word of caution:  Don't use ribbon where the wire is heat-set in the edge, it will not gather!
2.   card stock or felt (if you’ll be using your flower as a pin or hair ornament) in a color that compliments your ribbon and will not show through a sheer fabric.

1.   small, sharp scissors
2.   circle punch (should not be bigger than the finished flower
(1.5-2 inches in diameter).  I am partial to EKSuccess punches.

1.   fast drying liquid adhesive.  I prefer Zip Dry;  it does what the name says, but it is a little “odorous” for some people.  It’s available at most craft, hobby, scrapbooking stores. 
your choice - button, sequin trim, vintage earring, etc. 


1.  Cut a length of ribbon approx. 12-15 inches. Set aside.

2.  Punch a circle from your card stock; hand-cut a circle from your felt and set aside.

3.  Carefully trim off the wire from one side of the ribbon.

4.  With your scissors, cut large scallops from the trimmed side of the ribbon.

BE CAREFUL not to allow the wires to go back into their tunnel.  I suggest making a loop at the end of each wire.

5.  Now here’s the exciting part. Holding on to wired end of the 
ribbon, gently pull the other end.  You will see 
your flower begin to “bloom!”

Yes, this is different ribbon...forgot to take a pix of the gold at this step!

6.  Begin spiraling your ribbon, twisting it around until you get the desired shape.

7.  Take the wire loop on the outside and bring it through the center and to the back of the flower; twist the two ends together.

8.  At this point you will want to adhere your card stock or felt circle 
to the back of the flower.  I suggest felt if you are going 
to attach a pin or hair clip; card stock if you're using the 
flower for paper art.

9.  Embellish the center as you choose....the sky's the limit!  
this has a vintage applique

this is actually a smaller flower made with narrow ribbon attached to a larger flower, and topped off with a mini beaded applique

in time for Valentine's Day!

You may notice that your flower edges are shedding, but this is to be expected...this will add to the "shabbiness" of the creation.  Different ribbon will respond differently, so experiment!  

Please let me know what you think of the project, if you make one, any questions, etc.

If anyone is in love with this technique but for whatever reason feels challenged in creating one,  I'm selling custom made flowers for $4 plus postage.  Just email me at and I can get your order placed.  Shortly, I'll have a store on  

Thanks for stopping by and having your coffee, tea, etc. with me.  Have a most wonderful, musing week and I'll see you next Monday!!  
xoxox Karen


      Alex Hardy said...

      Looooooove your tutorial!
      Looking forward to many more Monday mornings!


      Unknown said...

      Now i get to listen to music as i read your marvelous musings....great idea Ms. it!

      mrsthesun said...

      Boy oh boy (oh boy oh boy) are you good! I can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing!