Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer's Here!

We're in full bloom in Tucson.  Roses, gardenias, bougainvillea, hibiscus, lantana, and all the other desert blooms that adorn our property.  How I love this time of year!  Of course, I wrote this before we hit the "ice break" this week with 100+ temps!  Oh well, it's June, it's Tucson and we knew it was coming!!

Gosh, so much has happened in the past month that time truly slipped away from me....
Let's catch up!

Our Kiki turned 40! She celebrated with her family and friends for the better part of April ~
"Young at Heart" girls getaway to Hollywood for 4 days with 8 friends

Mr. & Mrs. Jones hosted a surprise brunch at their lovely home for our girl

We've been changing the "face" of our home with some additions ~ luscious blooms, a front yard patio and walkway ~

Our prolific hibiscus!

I had a cataract successfully removed from my right eye and the left eye is now sporting a contact lens!
I'm a first-timer for a contact lens and all I can say is "AWESOME!!"  At some point in the next year I'll have a cataract removed from the left eye, but for now life is clear as a bell!

This did not hinder my jewelry efforts, and actually I've never seen my work so well.  Here are just a few pieces to come off the bench in the past month.  Be sure to check out all sections in the Boutique as I've been adding as I've created...

Custom Order for Amy

Summer's looking great....I've enrolled at our local club for the Silver Sneakers program, jewelry classes begin this week, we'll travel back to Long Island in July for my 50th class reunion, and there's our annual escape to Ocean City, MD in August.

So, that pretty much wraps up this edition of the Musings.  I hope your June is joyful and I'll see you next month!  Thanks so much for stopping by...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Long Live Lilly P!

The girls and I have been waiting for the Lilly Pulitzer Collection for Target launch since corporate made the announcement in January.

You see, coming from the east coast, we've had a love affair with this brand since we were wee little ones.

Kiki ~ age 3
Wearing my Lilly at Shotzie's Christening, 1979

Well,  the day has arrived ~ we came, we saw, and we shopped!  There was a definite strategy to our mission....divide and conquer ~ 3 Targets in under 90 minutes!

Rest assured that some returns were made so we could give other Lillyholics a shot at the spoils.

Thank you, Lilly Pulitzer and Target.  This was an amazing experience and a lot of laughs!

Have a great week!
P.S. ~ we made our returns at the El Con Target....just sayin'!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Tea To Toast Lucky 7

What better way to celebrate my SEVENTH Trunk Show, than a tea party!!  The stage was set....
pretty bone china tea cups all in a row

only the best service for my friends

passion fruit iced tea

tea pots surround a scrumptious table

cheese cake, palmieres,  and praline pecans 

truffle torte, lemon drops, and brownie bites

watching over the festivities ~ my sweetest creations of all!

The treasure chest was opened!

 I apologize ahead of time as I was amiss in getting a photo of everyone who joined me...I was having too much fun visiting!

My heart goes out to three very special people, without who's help this event would not have happened....

My sweet spouse and soulmate , who took my orders and stress "on the chin" without any grumbling!
He's the dude on the right wearing the correct hat!

My cashier queen and Birthday Girl for April ~ Kiki!

And last, but certainly one of the most integral souls of my Show.....dear sweet friend, Sandra.
Sandra meets, greets, serves, replenishes and washed up all that fine china and silver.  She has helped me with the past six shows and gives completely from her heart.  I love you, Sandra!!
AND she came bearing gifts!  These beauties!

Each attendee went home with a little extra goodie in their bag....chocolate Bee Skeps!  I had such fun making these as I knew it would be a sweet surprise...

Our Shotzie had to work and we truly missed her.  We're chatting about the Holiday Show and are looking at a Sunday in mid-October, so stay tuned!

For me, the house is back in order....the jewelry has been inventoried and tucked away, and I'm back in the Hive working on some special orders.

Be sure to click on the Boutique as it's been updated with the latest and greatest.

Thanks so much for your visit ~
Sending you sunshine and May flowers!