Monday, April 14, 2014

Woman In The Mirror

Loving the Woman in the Mirror ~ that was the theme for the 10th annual women's retreat at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, here in Tucson.

I was so privileged to join 84 daughters of God for seven hours on Saturday.  You might remember that last year was my first retreat and I presented the afternoon activity.  Click here to read about it.

Our day began in the chapel with a beautiful Mass presided over by Father Richard.

This set the tone for the rest of the day.
Following Mass, we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast prepared and served by the men of the parish.


Terry and Marge

Peggy enjoys another cup
Terry and the men worked very hard  preparing, setting up, serving and cleaning up for us!
After breakfast, we headed to our tables....

How lovely was this ~ a beautiful name card, a pouch with handmade goat's milk soap, and a personal jeweled mirror!
 Our guest presenter for the day was Peggy Guerrero.  Peggy is the Adult Educator at the Jordan Ministry Team in Tucson.  She's a former Collaborator for the Diocese of Tucson, Social Studies Department Chair and Assistant Principal at St. Augustine Catholic High School, and former  Principal of St. Cyril's School.  Wow!  We were blessed to have Peggy lead this day....

Peggy took us through an enlightening exercise with our mirrors, where we sought to find the real woman within...the inner beauty....the one who is the special image God looks upon.

We learned to look beyond the reflection, to examine the gifts we own, and to meditate and pray with joy for that which we each possess.

There was time for interaction with a partner at our table, prayer, and meditation.

Before we knew it, lunch was served!

Time for community and getting to know our table mates....
Mother & Daughter!  Linda and Christine

Sisters!  Terry, Kathy, and Susan
Catching up with old friends....

Janet ~ the amazing co-chairperson for the retreat
No details were overlooked....

Especially the details that feed our soul....

A wonderful "wrap up" with scarves, joining hearts and minds,  completed our activities for the day....

We visited the chapel one last time to share with one another a gift we possess...

Then it was out to the courtyard....
We were each given an envelope and instructed to think of a negative wrinkle in our essence of which we wanted to let go....

Together, we opened our envelopes and released a live butterfly!!  Glorious!!

Since I did not have my phone with me for this, I don't have original pictures, but this is kind of what they looked like....

Holy Week has begun and I'm so grateful to have had the blessed experience of this retreat to begin my journey with Christ ~ through death and new life.

Whatever is in your plans for the week, know you are in my prayers and I count you as a great blessing in my life.

Happy Passover!

Happy Easter!

Happy Life Renewal!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Very Special Trunk Show

All of my trunk shows have been special, because you've come to visit with me, and yesterday's show was no exception.  My delightful old friends, Cristina ~ Roxy ~ Zhanna, and Shann joined me.  

The doorbell rang and in came NINE friends who came to my home for the first time!  

Felicia ~ Laurel ~ Arlene ~ Dorothy ~ Wendy ~ Jo Ann ~ Melissa ~ Elizabeth, and Sedona.  I'm so grateful to be able to spend time and "share my wares" with you, in person!

Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to visit and shop with me.

For my friends who were unable to make it yesterday, everything will be up until Friday, so let me know if you'd like to stop by this week for a peek!

Another tidbit.....I'll be uploading all remaining inventory into the Boutique in the next few weeks.  No more Etsy you may simply click the "Boutique" button in the navigation bar at the top of the blog page and you'll be transported to my shop.  

Purchasing will be very easy as well.  Simply contact me by phone, text, or email and we will finish the transaction ~ credit card, check, or cash (for local friends).  Shipping is free for my out-of-town friends!

Now, on with the Show!

Earrings and Rings

Bracelets and  Cuffs



Day of the Dead and Ornies

 It just wouldn't be a Casa Hess event without some edible goodies too.  

On the menu....

  • Pulled pork BBQ sliders
  • Ramen slaw
  • Vermont cheddar mac n' cheese
  • Brownie bites with buttercream frosting

And to wash it all down....

  • Hibiscus iced tea
  • Watermelon and Mexican lime spa water
  • Merlot
  • Chardonnay
  • Champagne  

I would be so remiss if I didn't acknowledge my right hands ~ Shotzie and Kiki who ran the checkout

Sandra who greeted and served guests, and kept the food in tip top form

Lastly, the love of my life who, without his love and support, none of this would happen ~ thank you, honey...

Another wonderful show has ended and for now it's back to the Hive...

New ideas are forming, my muse is calling, beautiful and exciting materials await on the workbench!

Stay tuned!
Thank you for all your love, support, and time with me ~ have a blessed week!

Monday, March 31, 2014

What A Mama Does

Of course you know that!  It's what a mama does ~ WORRY!

 No matter the day, no matter the time, no matter their age, a mother's job is to worry.

courtesy of The Art of Altering

For me, the worry began on Friday night....

Our Melissa had spent the week in Los Angeles on business for MAC.  Friday was her 35th Birthday and she was due to arrive home around 9:30 p.m.

First, we get a call that her flight was cancelled and they couldn't get her out of L.A. until the next morning.

All alone with no company Melissa called her dear friend Milena, who lives in Orange County, and shared her sad tale.  Milena, being the incredible friend she is, drove up to LA to spend the night and take Melissa to the airport in the morning.

The girls were getting ready to go out and have dinner when it hit ~ 5.1 on the Richter scale ~ EARTHQUAKE!

Fortunately, they were able to get out, drove to Milena's home in Newport, and Shotzie was on the next flight home Saturday morning....

Oh, but wait ~ she changed her departure city from LA to Orange County and her flight was routed through San Francisco ~ NOT good!  Delay after delay after delay!  This meant changing gates, lugging luggage, shuttles in the pouring rain.....Oy!

Two hours later than originally scheduled, our Birthday Girl finally arrived home!  It was a very grueling and lackluster way to usher in a new year in her life.

We made up for it on Sunday and spent the day with Melissa and her friends at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort for "Blues, Brews, and BBQ's."  It was a grand celebration!

I had a very exciting surprise come my way this week.  My favorite manufacturer, Nunn Design, offered a special promotion ~ a "Buy and Try" for a new technique, faux French enamel.
I jumped right in, purchased my kit and created these charming charms....

However, I got to thinking....I have more ND transfers which are in color and gorgeous reproductions of fine art and collage AND more faux enamel charms.  Why not use these gorgeous transfers over the faux enamel, instead of just a word?

I was so excited with the results that I sent pictures in an email to Becky Nunn to let her know about the further versatility of their product line.

Holy cow ~ Becky was SO gracious and devoted a page on the Nunn Design blog to my findings!!  You can read about it here.....AND she posted about it on the ND Facebook page.  Needless to say, I'm over-the-moon grateful for the recognition from this wonderful friend.  Thank you, Becky and Nunn Design for the love!

The countdown clock is on for the Spring Trunk Show this  coming Sunday.  I can't wait to catch up with you and share the latest creations from the Hive.  If you need directions or my phone number, just send me an email (link on the sidebar).

It's only been 3 months since the last show, but I'm SO ready for this one!

Have a fantastic week, my friends and I'll see you at the Trunk Show, in person or virtual!
Thank you for sharing your time with me today.