Monday, March 28, 2011

What A Party It Was!

With the help of friends, we celebrated Melissa's 32nd birthday on Saturday night. I can only say that I know our girls have inherited the "theme gene" from their mother, but they really were off the hook with this one!  As you know, we've been collecting "stuff" these past few weeks for the "Dub T Redneck Party."  Rather than blab on and on, I'll let you browse the photos - as they say, "A picture's worth a 1,000 words!"  Note to all: it was an absolutely fun, fun night with laughs galore.  I'm continually amazed by the creative nature of all our friends

Laundry glory front yard
Front yard landscaping

Lawn art

Laundry glory back yard

Jerry, Lacey, Ashley, Mandy, Melissa, Eva
Dining Room decor
bologna sandwiches & Frito pie

fine cuisine

Chris & Ciara
Cirocco and Trudy
Trudy's brood
Ashley, Chris & the "motor home"

Debbie & Rick
Jennifer & Mandy
Morgan & Miguel
The proud parents! yee haw!

What a week for basketball!  We watched our AZ Wildcats defeat Duke in the Sweet 16, and valiantly play their hearts out to UConn in the Elite 8.  Although the Final Four was not in the cards for them this year, we'll be back next year!!

So much fun!

Taxes have been seen to this past Thursday and all is right in the world.  Now it's back to the drawing board to get the creative mojo working again.  Here are some cute things I put in my Etsy store this week...
Mothers Day Card
Sewing Queen Tag
Mini muslin Country Time bags

Mini muslin Steampunk bags
"Italia" muslin yardage with black ribbon

I was trying to decide what to post this week for a little DIY project when I came across this idea in my wanderings through Bloglandia...and I hate to say it because I told myself I would never, never, never let it happen - but I forgot which blog had this idea!! {shame}  Anyhoo, since I didn't copy it verbatim, I'm going to go ahead and give you my version.  I'm calling it "Give the Little Winged Friends a Step Up." 

UPDATE:  I just learned from my friend Patty Szymkowicz  at
Magpie's Nest ~*~  that I saw this idea at
Halle has a great blog, you should check her out!!  Fun ideas and wonderful humor!

The thought behind this inspirational project is to provide a little extra help for the birds who are, or getting ready to, build nests.  We're repurposing materials that might otherwise not give a second thought.  So, get ready - get your stuff - and get steppin' up!!

"Give the Little Winged Friends a Step Up."

mesh bag - the kind lemons, oranges, onions come in
scraps of fabric, string, feathers, ribbon, twine, fluffy stuff
twine or ribbon for hanging
packing tape
my stuff

mesh bag

twine and packing tape

Cut a portion of the bag apart, making use of the
sewn bottom, so you will only have to tape one
side of the bag.

Next, tape together the cut side of the bag so that 
you now have a mini bag.

mini bag with taped side

Put your stuff in the bag and put a length of twine through the two open tops of the bag to create a hanger.

finished bag with stuff

Finally, find a tree from which to hang your bag - caution, be sure to hang it so the feathered friend has a place to perch and still be able to reach inside the bag for the goodies!  Mr. H had to remind me of this when I went to hang it!!
Not good - no place to perch!

much better!!

Now I'll need to be on the lookout for some very colorful nests in our neighborhood!  Also, look to see if you need to replenish your bag before nesting season ends!

Have a marvelous, museful week!


~*~Patty S said...

Super party pics..what a hoot it must have been!

I Loved the birdie bag idea was Halle of Halle's Hobbies where I first got the inspiration :)

Thanks for sharing! I am still just 'thinking' about making a bag

Unknown said...

Your party looks like a blast .... The food looks yummy :)

Your little muslin bags are really cool .... And I love your nesting material idea ..... That is so sweet!

Happy Tuesday! And thanks for playing! Kimmie

Halle said...

Thanks for the kudos and back link Karen! I need to put my bag in a spot with a better perch as well. It was so muddy the day I put it out I didn't dare walk any further. :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I cannot begin to tell you what a hoot it was to see all the photos from your friend's party! Living near the Ozarks, I can tell you it was spot on! We actually had a parent come to pick up their child this week at school in one of those outfits!

You blog is and continues to be a JOY!
Blessings my friend! ~ Katie