Monday, April 25, 2011

Old Traditions...New Traditions

Every year, every holiday brings its old traditions into the Hess home.  Some go back as far as our childhoods, or as young marrieds, or married with children.  Each is precious to who we are in this family.
If you know me, you know the importance my Catholic faith plays in my life.  This past week, Holy Week, was the most sacred week of the year for us and we recognize it by traditionally attending Stations of the Cross, fasting on Good Friday,
our one and only meal for the day

sacrificing in some way for 40 days, and finally - celebrating at Mass on Easter Sunday.
This year a new tradition came to the Hess home ~ a very delicious one, I might add.... Resurrection Rolls!  Made and enjoyed on Holy Saturday - "He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said." - Matthew 28:6
frozen dough rolls, melted butter, cinnamon sugar, marshmallows

the finished product...but wait!

Cinnamon sugar coated with the "disappearing" marshmallow center (hence the empty "tomb" - decadently delicious!!
If you've followed my picture postings on Facebook or visited us during a holiday, you know how I just love, love, love to decorate!  I want to share my "Easter Table" with you.  In the past, our home has been rampant with the pastel colors of Spring, but this year my muse was inspired by so many of the amazing blogs I follow, most especially that of Rosemary at Ozma of Odds.  See her full post at: and click on her post for Thursday, April 21.  She's amazing!  So, I went to a white and cream palette with just touches of those Spring colors.
the beginnings...I added a few more "tweeks" in later pictures

love these little guys! remember them in your Easter basket way back when?

the centerpiece

love the bunny and chick

3 heirloom cloths from my paternal grandmother and great grandmother

at the place setting - jelly beans and an egg treasure

everyone received a special Easter message 

a "chair surprise"

I spent the better part of the afternoon on Friday setting this up - why so long? Well, the crystal had to be washed, all the silver polished, and the linens ironed!  Forgot those details when I decided to take on this new decorating project! But, it was a labor of love and my family not only loved it really appreciated my effort.

Dessert on Easter came in the form of a homemade cake:
yellow cake with a chocolate buttercream middle, coconut grass,  vanilla buttercream frosting w/ jelly beans
Some more Hess traditions:
some of our colored eggs
my silly, lovable family

my beautiful Mom with her favorite egg

lastly, a gift for me from my beloved and our girls
I had so much to share with you this week....besides preparation for Easter I was also busy in "creation" mode with my altered art.  Here are a few of my latest which are available at Making Memories Unforgettable and in my etsy shop.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share a craft with you today, or the recipe for Resurrection Rolls.  I decided on the craft and if you would like the recipe, post a comment or click on my email link (be sure I have your email address!) in the sidebar and I will send it to you.  I figured that would be easier than trying to send a craft - hahah!!

This craft comes to you from Nina at  Please visit her site and be sure to let her know you saw her amazing decorating craft!  Here's Nina's amazing recycled mason jar "Go Green Go Ballard" design!

Today is Earth Day, and I can't think of a better way to honor our planet than by making it more beautiful. And by more beautiful, I mean a trash to treasure Ballard knock off.
I just LOVE their Demijohns


But they are A) too big for my tiny apartment and B) a small fortune. Time to get Earth friendly creative people!

recycled mason jar
jute rope
hot glue gun

Cut a looooooong piece of jute rope and attach to jar with a dot of hot glue. Don't worry if it doesn't end up being long enough for your jar. You can hot glue two ends together.

Wrap the rope around your jar twice.

On the third time around, loop the rope from top to bottom through your previous two wraps. Continue this pattern for as much of the jar as you would like wrapped.

When finished wrapping, loop jute through one extra time, snip end, and adhere with a small dot of hot glue.

It really is that simple! I love my new vase and think I will use it to hold kitchen utensils. Everyone needs a pretty kitchen!

I'm a little later than usual with posting this blog, but I know you'll understand and forgive...just a little pooped from all the activity in the past 72 hrs.  I forgot to mention that my main man and I traveled to Mesa on Saturday for the USPowerLifting/AZ main event.  I'm thrilled to say that main man qualified for the the Nationals this August in Scranton, PA!!  Whoo - Hoo!!!
the amazing lifters and coach!

Have a wonderful, safe and terrific week!  Thank you so much for all your love, support, emails, postings!  Where would I be without you?!


Monday, April 18, 2011


What a powerful, precious word ~ friend~. I was pondering this word most of yesterday.  I had just spent 3 days with my dear friend Debbie, at the Creative Keepsakes Convention in Mesa, AZ.  Deb and I have been "roomies" twice before, but this time I realized that I was really getting to know my friend. What a blessing to have that time together! 
boutique heaven!!

 the lovely Katie at Domestic Bliss


Alice in Wonderland!

next stop ~ vintage scrapland

the ladies at Mystic Paper

Dinner on Thursday

Dinner on Friday
New Mexico cuisine

Kiera and me

Deb and Peggy

FRIEND ~So many things come to mind, such as the first friends met in childhood ~
Jones Beach, 1949

First grade - 1954

Later on, as a young adult ~

The friends our partner brings into our life ~

The friends we make each time we move, take a new job, engage our children in activities ~

All the old friends we've reconnected with and the new friends we've made through social networking ~ 

The blessings of hobbies and interests that bring friends into our life ~

 So, my dear friends, as  old friend Sister Gloria once told me, "God puts people in your life for a reason ~ your job is to understand why He's given you this gift."

Take time to get to really know your friends.  Spend time with them, listen to them.  Really know them.  
Thank you for being my friends!

Before I leave you for this week, a great shout-out to Rachel Berry who was so gracious to lend me her tutorial...very cute, very unique, very seasonal.  Click on the title to visit her blog - great stuff!

Holy Week began yesterday with Palm Sunday and Passover begins today.  Blessings and love to all of you during this beautiful season, and beyond.


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