Monday, April 18, 2011


What a powerful, precious word ~ friend~. I was pondering this word most of yesterday.  I had just spent 3 days with my dear friend Debbie, at the Creative Keepsakes Convention in Mesa, AZ.  Deb and I have been "roomies" twice before, but this time I realized that I was really getting to know my friend. What a blessing to have that time together! 
boutique heaven!!

 the lovely Katie at Domestic Bliss


Alice in Wonderland!

next stop ~ vintage scrapland

the ladies at Mystic Paper

Dinner on Thursday

Dinner on Friday
New Mexico cuisine

Kiera and me

Deb and Peggy

FRIEND ~So many things come to mind, such as the first friends met in childhood ~
Jones Beach, 1949

First grade - 1954

Later on, as a young adult ~

The friends our partner brings into our life ~

The friends we make each time we move, take a new job, engage our children in activities ~

All the old friends we've reconnected with and the new friends we've made through social networking ~ 

The blessings of hobbies and interests that bring friends into our life ~

 So, my dear friends, as  old friend Sister Gloria once told me, "God puts people in your life for a reason ~ your job is to understand why He's given you this gift."

Take time to get to really know your friends.  Spend time with them, listen to them.  Really know them.  
Thank you for being my friends!

Before I leave you for this week, a great shout-out to Rachel Berry who was so gracious to lend me her tutorial...very cute, very unique, very seasonal.  Click on the title to visit her blog - great stuff!

Holy Week began yesterday with Palm Sunday and Passover begins today.  Blessings and love to all of you during this beautiful season, and beyond.


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mary k said...

Karen, This is a beautiful post honoring the friendships in your life. We may be thousands of miles apart,but I definitely feel a new friendship budding. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.

Unknown said...

Its so true! Our friends are little lights in our lives! Thank you for the sweet tutorial! What a great idea!
Were entering a splendid week filled with waiting and anticipation!

Alex Hardy said...

LOVELY post today Karen ... you're a Forever Friend!


~*~Patty S said...

Love those precious eggs, thanks for sharing the tut dear Karen

Your friend post is very special many lovely pics!!

AZ is someplace I would Love to visit some day...NM too!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This post is such a wonderful tribute to the beauty of friendship and you have captured and wrote about it so well! The eggs are darling and so perfect ~ Happy Easter!

mrsthesun said...

What a blessing you are to all of us. Love, love, loved this post. Thank you for making me remember what a special place friends have in our hearts. Also loved the eggs!