Monday, April 11, 2011

One Lucky Girl!

I am one lucky girl!  I'm one very happy, lucky girl! I know you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, so without further adieu...let me tell about last week!

My special dyes and and seam binding arrived and I got to work on custom dying this wonderful, soft, lovely product to sell at MMU.  The colors are glorious and very, very "spring" in tone - and I was happy!
Just a few of the colors...

I follow some pretty exceptional blogs and last week some of the ladies behind those blogs came and visited Karen's Monday Musings and sent me comments - and I was happy! I want to give a "shout out" to my new friend, Patty S. at Magpie's Nest for all her wonderful support and advice.   I also had requests for my blog address from old friends - and boy, was I happy!

I'm participating in two swaps - if you're scratching your head, relax...this is clean and legit!  The first is at the Speckled Egg.  It's the Petite Inspiration Spring Edition.  I'm creating two altered matchboxes (large size) and filling them with vintage goodies for my two swap mates.  In turn, they will be doing the same and I'll receive one from each of them! The second swap is with natalea at kandeland and we're swapping 2 spring themed ATC cards.  Pictures of all to follow, of course, when received - and I'm happy!

Many of the blogs I follow have "giveaways" which are fun, and winners are randomly chosen.  So, I usually enter into the fun if there aren't too too many hoops to jump through.  Giveaways are often done when the blogger has reached a benchmark, such as a milestone number of followers, a milestone number of postings, years blogging, etc.  Sometimes there's a theme involved.  I entered the "Always Dreaming" contest at Amy Peter's Studio (catch her banner on my sidebar).  Well.....I WON!!!  Random #13 - my lucky number - came up and that was my posting!!  My prize is the beautiful sterling silver ring below, impressed with two words - forever grateful.  I was so excited - I still can't believe it - ring on the finger and all!! - and I'm happy!
Beautiful packaging
premiere partie

deuxième partie

visit Amy - gorgeous things and so much fun!
And finally, these little guys were a featured Treasury item on Etsy! - boy, was I stunned and happy!

Here's what I've been up to besides all the aforementioned shenanigans - sweet vintage-y cards for baby and a snippet roll!

fun to "snip" off a length for your card or art project!

It's going to be a busy week getting my "swaps" in the mail before Debbie and I head out to Mesa for our girls getaway.
In our "Dub T" finery!!"

We've timed our adventure with CKC and although we're not planning on classes we'll join the Friday Crop.  In the meantime, there will be an abundance of treasure trove, vintage scouring, and new scrap stores to explore!! Not to mention some pretty fantastic beaneries to sustain us!!

Before I leave you, I want to share some more fabric flowers.  These come from Kiki (no, not my Kiki) at  She has some pretty amazing things and you should check out her blog.  In the meantime, check out her fabulously easy rosettes!

Here is what I use to do my rosettes:
Strips of fabric ranging from 2-5 inches wide and 20-36 inches long (both of these depend how thick and big you want your rosette!
hot glue
felt circles (I like using smaller 3/4"-1" circles)

That is all you need. Let 's get started.
1-Knot up one end of each of your strips. 2-glue it to the center of your felt circle 3-place a strip of hot glue at the bottom of the felt, but next to the fabric. 4-wrap fabric over the glue and press your finger gently on the glue to make sure it sticks. As you press the strip to the glue, simply twist the fabric over one time. (a lot of rolled flower tutorials have you twist and twist as you glue, but I like the fuller, more layered look on the flowers, so I simply twist the fabric one time each time I glue. Play with it and see which you like better.

5-This shows the twist a little better. 6-THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IMAGE TO SHOW MY STYLE OF ROSETTE.  Why, you ask? Simply so you can see how I hold and manipulate my strip. Each side of the strip is folded into the center so it is wide and thin..versus the usual thick and round strip from twisting over and over. 7- after you put some glue down..take your strip and pull it around the flower, then remember your simple fold over..then glue..strip around the flower and twist over...over and over.. 8-You can make all of the twists at the same place or stagger them for a more layered look

9-This shows the correct placing of the hot don't want it too high or it will squirt through the top and you will have a goopy mess..or worse..see glue on top!:) 10-And here is your finished rosette. This one I lined the twists up. 11- White rosette I staggered the twists more.. 12- Just wanted to show you that you don't just have to use large pieces of is a shirt cut up..see the snap!:)

Keep going and you will soon have:

I promise, the more you practice the faster you get. I rolled all 22 of these rosettes in just over one hour! 

I'm looking forward to gabbing with you next week and sharing lots of pix from this week!  In the meantime, have an absolutely blessed week and enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!
thinking of my mom when these bloom - her favorites!


~*~Patty S said...

Such a joyful and colorful post dear Karen.
Thanks for the sweet shout out...blogland sure is a special place to be and nice people like yourself just add to the fun!

That ring = ooh la laa...#13 is very special to me too.

Love your sweet remembrance of your Mom!

Thanks for sharing so much eye candy and your swaps sound super too!

Alex Hardy said...

Good Morning!
Lovely blog post to start the week ... and so much more FUN in store!

Rachel Berry said...

Cute Cute!! Oh and you are more then welcome to Link away!!

Rachel Berry

Unknown said...

What a wonderful win the ring is! So pretty! I also love the colorful dyes and the rosettes were so adorable! The tags were also very creative and colorful. Thank you so much for sharing this and the tutorial is something Im definitely going to try out!


Sonya Badgley said...

Hi Karen,
The ring is wonderful! Congratulations to you! I love the rosettes!