Monday, June 6, 2011

Okay...The Year is HALF OVER This Month!!

I am amazed that working in the studio, with space to spread out and move around, is SO productive!  In fact, I find myself behaving like a real grown-up...planning out my projects...hitting the punch list...working until a set time, then "closing shop" and going back to the house.  WOW!  Those untouched projects hiding out in the closets just might get finished this year!!
Speaking of this year, in 19 more days we'll be officially 6 months away from Christmas...YIKES!
Me, doing what I do instruction!
 Which brings to mind my Junk Drawer Advent Calendar that's "nearly" finished...
And I seem to remember a "12 Days of Christmas" Swap that I signed up for....hmmm, need to follow up on that one.

Speaking of swaps, it dawned on me as I sat to write this blog, that I "owe" you some photos on those swaps in which I'm involved.  
This is the Whimsy Pocket I sent my partner, Michelle, in California.  The swap was sponsored by Tee of  The Altered Paper at  
the Pocket

The goodies
Here's the fabulous Pocket  with fabulous goodies that Michelle sent me!
So, I thought...maybe you'd be interested in the "how-to" of making this container ~ so cheap, so easy, so convenient for holding so many things, especially craft goodies, candy favors, party favors, etc.!

Quick Tutorial on Making A Whimsy Pocket:
1.  Cut a toilet paper roll 3 inches long.
2.  Glue bottom & use cloths pins to clamp until dry.
3.  Cover with decorative paper & adhere with glue.
4.  Embellish!
5.  Fill with whatever you wish! Enjoy! Share!

Here are the tags I made for my former students...the "homework heros" who I had lunch with 2 weeks ago:

And here's the "Music Matchbox Swap" from my Flickr group "Monthly Matchbox Swap 2011"  I sent this to Gail, using a Beatles theme for my creations
the matchbox

mini accordion book with Beatles covers

all the goodies were named after a Beatles song

We have a lot of birthdays in our family in June 

~ our brother Rich turns 60 on the 26th, 

Cousin Dianna celebrates on the 10th, 

Aunt Jeanne's got a birthday on the 8th (but I'm told the MONTH of June is her birthday!), 

and friends are all over the calendar ~ Turner twins on the 14th, 

Betty B. and Judy H. are celebrating right now!!!  Happy Birthday, girls!!  

Our Jordie is the 15th and Ron B. is the 12th.  So, all of you birthday babies need to make your day, YOUR DAY, and eat cake, wear a party hat, have some ice cream, be silly, and let everyone you meet know it's your birthday!!  Of course I've been busy with getting some cards out so I'll show you a couple (but can't tell you who's getting what!)
lovely images from Lisa's Altered Art

close-up of the butterfly
And here's another one...
 help from Lisa's Altered Art, Paper Whimsy, and Graphic Fairy
I'm so excited because I got my very first custom order for invitations.  Good friends are hosting their annual  Season Premiere Party for True Blood.  With help from Done4YouPages and some blood red Stickles in just the right places, I think I pulled off some pretty "haunting" invites!  Take a look...

Some for Father's Day, or dad's birthday ~

Well my dear family and friends, that about does it for this week.  The week ahead looks to be a very busy one and I know I'll have lots to share with you next Monday.  Before I go, Ron and I want to send hugs and kisses to Chiara and Chris, who got engaged last Saturday {sigh}!!  An absolutely darling couple and we are thrilled beyond words for them!

Blessings and love to all of you, especially all those birthday babies!  Have an absolutely awesome week and let me know what you're up to!
P.S.  I found a great craft that's adorable and "sew easy!"  Thank you to Madison at  for letting me post this.  Visit her and say "hi" and that you saw her bracelet right here.

Materials: scissors, some fabric, book pages, toilet paper roll, 
some bling (like feathers, pearls) ModPodge, and 
a hot glue gun (not shown)

Cut your toilet paper roll in half so that it is still a full circle, 
but just shorter (hamburger style).  Then cut the edges of the
toilet paper roll so that they are curved just like the picture! 
i found that the white rolls are stronger than the brown ones 
so i used a white one...

The words didn't focus very well, but you could probably 
tell that this is where i mod podged the book page onto 
the toilet paper roll.  all i did was tear out a page from a 
book and unroll the toilet paper roll so that it was flat.  
then i traced it and cut it out.  after it was cut out i mod 
podged it!  after it was all done drying i started decorating it. 
for the flowers all i did was cut out little circles and folded them 
twice so that they would look like a pie shape then i hot glued 
the tip and stuck it on!  i decorated this cuff with feathers,
 pearls, and fabric.  then i cut a strip of fabric out and hot 
glued the ends of it to the ends of the cuff so that 
it would be a tie.  the toilet paper roll is kinda skinny, 
so it doesn't reach all the way around my wrist.  
this is why i needed a tie.  i hope you enjoyed this post!  


miss lynn said...

good morning, karen!
love the photos
of your pretties!
i am going to give
the toilet paper cuff
a try! (our school
custodian saved all
the tp rolls in the
school for me for
a month - i have
a gazillion!)
and i totally LOVE
the beatles theme
in your matchbox!!!
happy day!

~*~Patty S said...

OK now don't have such newsy posts, by the time I get to the bottom I forget what I wanted to say about what I saw at the top and middle! hah
Great fun seeing all of your are going to have a very fine collection of creations from all over!
Who knew a toilet paper roll could come in so handy ... cute cuff!!!
I too believe in birthday MONTHS...the older you get the longer it seems to take to's to June!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Karen,
I always enjoy my visits but I must confess by the time I'm ready to leave a comment I forget what I wanted to say:)
Thankks for sharing the tp cuff - way cool!Have a wonderful week.

Lesley said...

What a lovely blog. You certainly have a lot to be thankful for with such lovely family Karen.
Take care and thanks for the eye candy.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Karen,
WOW, congratulations to the happy couple, Happy Birthday to your loved ones--and I love everything you made AND received!!!

Doll, Dress...Colors said...

uauu formidavel dicas!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!! Im now a follower!Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us all!.If you get a chance id love it if you checked out my blog, we have Vintage in common and i also usually give away freebies too!
Hugs June