Monday, September 19, 2011

Guten Tag! ~ Auf Wiedersehen

Brandenburg Gate

Well dear friends, the clock countdown has begun...Mandy and I leave for Berlin, Germany tomorrow.  We'll be meeting up with Melissa as she completes her prize winning week with MAC (see my July 26th post for details, in case you missed that).  I'm so excited and I've been doing my "homework" on what to see and where to go.  We'll be staying in the Tiergarten neighborhood which is very central to the city.  Since Melissa will have been there for 5 days prior, we will have someone "in the know!"
Berlin Cathedral

I'm also excited because His Holiness, Pope Benedict arrives in Berlin the same day as us.  He begins a 3 day tour of Germany and will be saying Mass at Olympic Stadium the night we arrive.  I hope we can see it on the news, although it will probably be in either German or Latin!

I know 8 days will flyby too quickly, but I think we're pretty prepared to see all that we can.  We decided to focus on Berlin, rather than trying to see a lot outside in so short a time.
Victory Column


I want to share some "swaps" with you.  I sent these out early because of my trip, but they've all arrived at their destinations so I can reveal them!
Halloween ATC for Michelle hosted by Tee at  The Altered Paper
Image from Dezinaworld

Industrial ATC for JenW hosted by Wendy at  Blissful ATC Swap.  Image from Dezinaworld
Altered large matchbox for Michelle hosted by JoAnn at  Vintage Dragonfly's Altered Matchbox Group.  Image from The Graphics Fairy

the goodies inside
altered bottle and Nancy Drew book covers for Fran
this swap was also hosted by Tee at The Altered Paper 

A special ATC for Tee for hosting the Altered Bottle Swap
It's been a busy month, to say the least, but a fabulously fun month!  I spent a Saturday with Sandra at Mystic Paper in Mesa taking a tote bag class.  We made our totes from old LP covers.

my finished tote....The 5th Dimension, recorded in 1970, the year I was married.
Cover art by the iconic Leroy Nieman.

It wouldn't be complete without a junquing jaunt to the Melrose District in Phoenix...

Lastly, our little Tucson Swap group met and exchanged the Nature ATC' are some fun pix!

the chickens were from Shann, my partner

my creations for Shan
Cousin Sarah, Sadie Jane, Momma Karey-Ann

And so dear friends, I must get back to packing and all the details my excursion requires....I will miss you all but I will have SO much to share when I get back home.  I will return to you on October 3rd, and until then...Auf Wiedersehen!
that's all folks! (for now)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Milk of Human Kindness...

was so apparent this week.  As our nation marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies, the stories that kept unfolding were both heart wrenching  and inspirational.  I cannot imagine that we will ever forget.

My sweet friends ~ some old - some new, have poured out that milk of human kindness to me.  Lorraine is a dear woman whom I've known since high school.
lovely Lorraine

We weren't "friends" back then, just acquaintances, as we ran with different crowds.  We connected on Facebook and she's been a loyal Muse follower and a wonderful friend and support to me ever since.  She sent me these lovelies that belonged to her dear mom, thinking I could use them in my thoughtful, giving, and loving...
The buttons in the second picture are from a Garden City policeman's uniform, which belonged to Lorraine's brother.  I love the thimble, and my friend's sense of humor!!

This past week I enjoyed dinner with my dear friend and neighbor, Debbie.  It's an occurrence that just doesn't happen often enough.  Debbie presented me with this gift, a beautiful pen she made, for no reason other than being her friend.  She hoped that it would remind me of the ocean waves that I love.  I was overwhelmed!
I belong to a monthly swap group where we exchange large matchboxes which we've altered.  The August theme was "Granny's Attic."  I never received mine and we (the group) are concerned and dismayed as my partner is not only a fabulous altered artist, but so very punctual and responsible.  A call went out and Cassie stepped forward and offered to make me a matchbox, even though she had already done this for her partner.  Here's what I received from the dear Cassie...
that's my mom, age 10, in the picture.

L-R: mom and Aunt Irma, brothers, me, Ron and me

L-R: my dad, maternal great grandad and paternal great grandad

a vintage Christening bonnet and the handmade photo album
 I've made and received more swaps, but will hold those for another blog...I really wanted you to get a peek at some of the blessings in my life called "friends."  You are all included in that support my blog, my work and my spirit.  You visit with me whenever you can.  You offer advice and insight into this world of blogging (Patty in MD).  Have a beautiful week, my friends, and thank you for being just friends!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I love this iconic picture of my brother, Rich, "laboring" over his beloved car.  The long pants indicate it's the end of summer on Long Island.

Labor Day has always been the benchmark for my family indicating that summer has ended and we are to resume the 9 month lifestyle of which we are accustomed.  Once again, it means we pack away summer clothes and gear, return to school/college,

Anticipate football games (high school/college, pro),

Watch for those holidays that are peeking around the corner,

Look for the beautiful palette of fall foliage (we do have change in Tucson, albeit later than other parts of the country).

So, to all my family and friends, I wish you a glorious Labor Day to enjoy how ever you choose!  So, I'll see you next Monday.  For now, my family and I are off to see The Help!