Monday, December 5, 2011

Swap Catch-Up Time

I think it's about time I caught up on the marvelous swaps I've participated in this Fall/Holiday season.  I'm so blessed to have so many creative people in my life, who continue to inspire me.  Here's what I'm talking about...
These treasures came from Victoria at Things I Learn from Bear for the Autumn Matchbox Swap hosted by dear friend Tee at

And here's what I sent to Victoria...

Tee also hosted a stick pin swap and I had the good fortune to swap with Pearl at  Here's what Pearl created for me...
amazing pin holders and checkout the rusted lace!!
 Here's what I created for Pearl
a pin box

and a pin cushion!
The Fall Swaps ended with a "Thankful" ATC swap hosted by the lovely Wendy at  My partner was Karen from NYC...a new friend!  Here's what Karen created for me.  It's from a vintage German postcard, and as Karen said in her note.."He's thankful for having cabbages (which resemble his face!)  I have to giggle every time I look at this charming card!
She also sent some wonderful images for me to use in my art....AND the most delicious chocolate from a NYC chocolatier..but that's lonnnnnng gone!!
 Here's what I created for Karen...

My friend Karey-Ann, who is also a member of our Tucson Swap Queens group, reminded me that I didn't post a pic of the altered spoon I created for her....I did post the fabulous "skeleton in a coffin spoon" that she created for me.  That was back on the October 17th post.  So, here's what I created for Karey-Ann...
spoon in holder

spoon with ATC card

some goodies to go with since Karey-Ann couldn't be at our potluck exchange at Sandra's = (

a spoon close-up
I had hoped to begin posting some of the Christmas swaps, but this blog has probably put you to sleep by now, so I'll save that for next week.

We spent the weekend busy as little elves, decorating home sweet home...I'll be posting more pix each week, but I'll leave you with my FABULOUS Junk Drawer Calendar ~ inspired by the most creative souls, Deb and Paula, at  Last November they offered this amazing class, but alas I was off to Las Vegas with dh to celebrate our 40th anniversary, so I missed it.  But, I bought the tutorial and scavenged the materials and put it together and I'm pretty proud of the much fabulous JUNK!! (Be sure to click on the pic to see the details).  Thank you so much for visiting with me today.
Have a beautiful, peace-filled week!
tag 4 has a pix of my engaged parents ice skating
and tag 19 is my sweet mother-in-law in her  First Holy Communion dress


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Karen,
WOW, such wonderful tags and beautiful treasures--and I LOVE that frame with all the tags--it is amazing!

I don't know if you got my special email, but I have a special free seminar on my blog called "Amazing Art Adventure." I hope you'll come take a look!

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

Karen I Love Swapping! Gorgeous Matchboxes Sent & Received!
Your Stick Pins & Holder is Just Awesome! Clever Too! Lovin The Altered Sleleton Spoons-full of Creativity!
The Calender is a neat project to do too! And Yours turned out Beautiful as Always! Happy Holidays To You My Friend! Hugs,Tee

lynn said...

mdf what a wonderful post.. and lovely swaps
.. that calendar you made is just gorgeous. i love the added touches you put into it... arent old photos of family just the most blessed thing .. to have images of our loved ones to remember.
thank you so much for sharing...
and have a wonderful week.. filled with love and happiness...

Michele said...

wow, i cna't get over all of these gorgeous art pieces here! i love it! what a wonderful blog you have. i'm going to follow. xo michele

Fran. said...

Hey Karen what an awesome junkdraw you have!! LOL Love that you added a pic of your parents. That is a pretty awesome advent!! WOuldn't it be cool to do one for every month of year! AT least it would be fun!!! Your talent never seems to amaze me!! And Victoria is the Queen of Matchboxes!! I bartered with her for a Fall one. LOVE IT!! Have a great weekend. XO Fran.

Fran. said...

I meant junk drawer!! LOL XO Fran.