Monday, February 13, 2012

So Much Inspiration!

I'm always amazed at the inspiration that fills my daily life...from the time I wake, till my head touches the pillow, something/someone enriches my waking hours.

We've been experiencing amazing temps in the Old Pueblo this new year and my senses have been heightened to the sweet songs of the birds, the buds trying to emerge on the flora, my wildflowers blooming like crazy, and the sweet smell of a premature Spring in the air.  Sadly, March has proven time again to be a very squirrely month, so I'm not counting winter gone...yet.

But speaking of inspiration, today I'm sharing some fabulous inspiration I've recently received in the mail.

I'm a lucky participant in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party, and I say lucky because 400 artists signed up for the lottery and only 200 were selected.  Your's truly was one of them.  This is how it works...we're partnered up and send each other a selection of beads, a special focal piece, and elegant clasp.  My partner is the very generous an talented Linda who sent the following gems!

And here's what I sent to Linda...

Upon receiving the beads, we then create jewelry.  We can add to our piece from our own stash, create more than one piece, or embellish an object of choice.  The only rule is that we must use the clasp and the focal piece.

I've finished my creations, but have to wait to show you until the big reveal day on March 3rd.  Sorry!

The following lovely comes from Celia.  We altered and swapped Altoid tins in Wendy's BlissAngels Swap.

Aren't they lovely?  Just in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow!  Below cupid's hand is the most charming handpainted button!

Here's what I created for Celia...

I'm very bad about photo-ing my swaps before I send them off...or what goodies I I snuck over to Celia's blog and borrowed the following which she posted ~ thanks, Celia!
my creation when it arrived at Celia's
and the reveal!

Tee's Tag of the Month Swap paired me with Elisabet who sent me this beauty for February...


Here's the February tag I sent to Elisabet...

Another swap was hosted by Wendy at BlissfulATC.  The theme for February was It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Alice in Wonderland World.  My partner, Electra, is mad for anything Alice and sent me this amazing little work of art...

She also gifted me with these precious images...
Here's the ATC I created for Electra...
Alice in Wanderland
My week also included 3 trips to the Tucson Gem Show...once with friend Sandra and my girls....

And here's some of the many, many lovelies we saw...
knew my dear sil would love these....she's over the moon about purple!
So, I've made a difficult much as I love swapping original art, and as much as I love all the swap sisters I've met through bloglandia, I will be cutting way back on my swaps.  Why? you ask...

I will be focusing on my jewelry creations and home decor elements. You will be seeing more of this art in my future Monday posts. My hope is to really pump up my online sales this year.  I'm exploring metal stamping and soldering, to name a few new endeavors.

There will still be some special swaps, keeping my homebred Tucson Swap Queens going, and holiday swaps which I will join.  My participation just won't be as prolific as before.

My hope is that you've enjoyed your visit today.  Thanks again to all my swap sisters who've been featured on this post.  It's been grand!  Have a beautiful week, dear friends, and

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Unknown said...

Oh what great goodies! I cant wait to see what yo create! Its same here with weather! Spring but Winter! :)
Hope you're going to have a great V-day! :)