Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wonderland Magic!

There's a definite "Alice" theme traversing my life this month.

Last Saturday I joined an amazing group of uber-creative ladies at Pantano Christian Church for their annual Fiesta!

This is an all-day crafting party where there is fellowship, food, fun, raffles, make n' takes, and fantastic dedicated time for working on art.

The theme this year was "The Movies," 

and our group of 10 chose "Alice in Wonderland."  

So, let's let the photos do the talking....
Our Producer, Karen Flanigan, with body guard at the Red Carpet

Director Strittmatter and Producer Flanigan at the morning meeting
 Holly-wood be proud...we represented "Alice in Wonderland"

at everyone's place

Huge thanks to all of our group....Sally, Carolyn, Kenda, Sandra, Maureen, Elena, Cathy, Jill, who contributed time and effort to this lovely event.  But, most of all, to the lady who pulled it all together...
sweet Geri, our table hostess

Come peek at the other tables....

Secretariat ~

Toy Story ~

Harry Potter ~

Scrap Wars ~ 

The Three Amig"a"s ~ 

Pirates of the Caribbean ~

isn't she the cutest pirate!

Scissors in the City ~

We ate and played and ate and played and it was a perfectly mad and wonderful time!!
Thank you one, and all!

Playtime is over for me as I camp out in the studio this week.  I'm hosting my first full Trunk Show on Sunday, June 3rd ~ YIKES!!  Next week I'll be previewing "the goods!"

Have a simply WONDERFUL week, dear friends, and thank you from the bottom of this artist's heart for taking the time to visit with me!


Marfi-topia said...

Wow! Everything looks incredible Karen:)
Glad you had fun!

mrsthesun said...

You gals have so much fun! So much creativity in one place. Good luck getting ready for the trunk show.

In the Light of the Moon said...

You guys are having way to much fun...send some of that over this way!!heehee. I'm smiling from ear to much good fun to share and look at.!! xoxo

Fran. said...

Wow Karen you find the coolest groups to hang out with!! Next Sat. I am doing a show with a group I belong to called "Local Vendors" they ususally do a bingo thingy. No creating though together! At least not yet!! Looking forward to seeing pics of the trunk show!! I am putting the baggladies, my dolls I make in a suitcase. There's a pic on my last post of them!! Alice in Wonderland was perfect for you!! Take care, XO Love, Fran.

~*~Patty S said...

I have fallen terribly behind in visiting Karen...lots to catch up on and enjoy

what an amazing gathering...SO much time and effort and more must have gone into it

some madness is definitely a good thing!