Monday, June 25, 2012

I Took The Plunge!!

Yep, I took the plunge and didn't burn down the house, or me!  What's that you say?  Oh,  I dusted off the soldering kit,

which sat UNOPENED since December, and told myself "just do it!"  

I have to qualify my reticence with this's not that I didn't want to learn how to solder, it's just that I've always had a deathly fear of fire and hot, melted stuff.  So, this was kinda scary.  

I watched the video 3x and re-read instructions 4x and here's the results....
Halloween Charmers - Front

Halloween Charmers - Back

Completed Pendant - front

Completed Pendant - back
Sweet Serendipity Charmers - front
Sweet Serendipity Charmers - back
I've only completed one pendant as shown, so I still have bead dangles and ribbons to attach to all  the rest.  I'll be selling these by private order and at the Arts & Crafts shows this October.  I'm pleased with the results and especially happy that I fashioned my own bails!

I'm not stopping with the little ole' soldering iron ~ Now that I've had a taste, I'm ready for the BIG stuff....
We're talking micro torch, propane torch, mixed gases ~ the sky's the limit!  BUT, none of that will happen until I've completed Riki Schumaker's Getting Over The Fear of Fire class at AG 2012.  This takes place July 15th -August 25th, online.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be taking her class.  It's purely instructional, but I know I'll be ready to step out on my own with this knowledge!

In the meantime, I'm still completing necklaces from our current AG 2012 session and promise to have them for show, tell, and sale by my next blog post.

Remember Grete?

She now resides in MAC corporate offices in LA, but she was the art piece that helped Melissa win the trip to Berlin, last September.

Well, it's contest time again and our Schotzie's (aka Melissa) been hard at work on this year's challenge..."Turkish Delights" ~ can you guess where the winner will be going?

Participants are required to use this piece in their creation...

Schotz took one of my filigree pieces 

scanned it, enlarged it, and then collaged pix from MAC events.....
Eastern silk ribbon, tying together the mission of MAC

and slowly, the pieces
fabric covered canvas - color reminiscent of the Turkish sunset


coins, flowers, inspiration image

to come together

Where's Grete????

until the concept

was complete!
Inspiration image copied on transparency - a focal point
Final piece measured 22" x 28"

I know that no matter what the contest results are to be, our girl is quite proud of her artistic piece and her team and store accomplishments this year!  Our Schotzie rocks!

I know you've been patiently waiting to hear all the details of my "100th Follower Giveraway," so here it is!

I'm so happy to be celebrating with this giveaway ~ I never thought I'd ever have 100 people interested in my little old blog!  So, I'm giving away this little wooden box...

AND this sweet dollie!

Here are the deets:

  • leave a comment on this post OR if you prefer to email me with your comment, I will add your name to the list in the order received
  • if you are a follower and your picture or avatar is in the "group portrait" at the bottom of my blog, let me know and you may post a second time
  • if you have a blog and grab my special button and post on your blog OR mention my giveaway on your blog, let me know by posting on my blog, for a third time
  • you will be eligible for BOTH drawings, (unless you've already won the first drawing!)
  • you have until July 15th to enter!
I'm taking some time out for some summertime fun and will be returning with the winning results on Monday, July 16th.  

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have this little event.  You know I love you and you're the best there is!!

Have a beautiful week ~ Happy 4th of July ~ and Blessings!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Top, Stencil Pendant and Heart Strings, And A Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness, I've been enveloped in goodness!!

Let's begin with last Monday night....our June swap for the Tucson Swap Queens.  Hosted by our newest lady, Queen Claire....

We were ensconced in "Circus," from the moment we arrived....

the table settings....

Refreshments ~ "Circus Style!"

The swap this month was an altered tin - Circus theme, and here are these amazing works of art!
Artist:  Geri

Artist:  Sandra

Artist:  Claire

Artist:  Karey-Ann

Artist:  Kathleen

Artist:  Laura

Artist:  Karina

Now, since this is my blog post I get to share extra pix of my creation and the one I received...
Artist: Joan  Creation:  Calliope wagon - front

Artist:  Karen  Circus Poster - front



side detail


side detail

There were clocks, and music boxes, and circus wagons, and ticket booths ~ oh my!  Such fantastic talent, ladies!

Thank you so much, Queen Claire, for sharing your castle (and a big shout-out to dh Ken for sharing you and your home!).  Your decor is amazing, your talent is amazing, and your generosity is off the hook,  We are blessed to have you in our realm!

Well, along with getting ready for the swap, I've been working in my online classes "Stencil Frame Pendant and NecklaceHeart Strings."  Last week I shared this with you, and now it's time to share my latest endeavor.

But, before I do I really want to thank my instructors, Cat and Diane, for their awesome instruction.  I've learned so much and grown as a jewelry artist because of these two ladies.  You've blessed me!

Here are my two finished pieces from Cat's SFP&N class....

This is a photo of my mom, age 10.  The middle button on the left side with the moons and stars came from a blue serge suit which was one of her favorites.  I love that I can wear this necklace and keep her close to my heart.

There are two more frames in this group that I will finish ~ the fabric sides on each will be creamy whites!

I had only just begun my Heart Strings at my last post, but I've finished my first one and will soon be moving on to making more!

This is a large necklace and the adornments need to be seen by themselves so you can appreciate the detail...

Ron's baby picture at 1 year,  and Kiki and Shotzie, ages 4 and 6 months

my first attempt at making a simple clasp

necklace detail
Well, I'll be finishing up my SFP&N's as well as another HS ~ this one will be created with sari silk that's champagne in color.  I'm keeping the pink one for myself, as it's very personal.  The thimble in the focal was my grandmother's.

Now, about that Giveaway....remember these little dollies?

and these little boxes?
I will be choosing TWICE for my next Giveaway ~ one lucky person will receive a dolly and one lucky person will receive a petite wooden box.

Why the Giveaway?  I've reached 100 FOLLOWERS!!!  I'm over the moon excited and so blessed by all of you wonderful friends and family that I want to share this excitement with you!

However....this blog is SO loaded with pix and info, that I think I'll wait till next Monday to post the rest of the details...tee hee...

In the meantime, stay cool and hydrated, be safe and have fun, and blessings to you and yours ~ this week and always!
I love you!!