Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Top, Stencil Pendant and Heart Strings, And A Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness, I've been enveloped in goodness!!

Let's begin with last Monday night....our June swap for the Tucson Swap Queens.  Hosted by our newest lady, Queen Claire....

We were ensconced in "Circus," from the moment we arrived....

the table settings....

Refreshments ~ "Circus Style!"

The swap this month was an altered tin - Circus theme, and here are these amazing works of art!
Artist:  Geri

Artist:  Sandra

Artist:  Claire

Artist:  Karey-Ann

Artist:  Kathleen

Artist:  Laura

Artist:  Karina

Now, since this is my blog post I get to share extra pix of my creation and the one I received...
Artist: Joan  Creation:  Calliope wagon - front

Artist:  Karen  Circus Poster - front



side detail


side detail

There were clocks, and music boxes, and circus wagons, and ticket booths ~ oh my!  Such fantastic talent, ladies!

Thank you so much, Queen Claire, for sharing your castle (and a big shout-out to dh Ken for sharing you and your home!).  Your decor is amazing, your talent is amazing, and your generosity is off the hook,  We are blessed to have you in our realm!

Well, along with getting ready for the swap, I've been working in my online classes "Stencil Frame Pendant and NecklaceHeart Strings."  Last week I shared this with you, and now it's time to share my latest endeavor.

But, before I do I really want to thank my instructors, Cat and Diane, for their awesome instruction.  I've learned so much and grown as a jewelry artist because of these two ladies.  You've blessed me!

Here are my two finished pieces from Cat's SFP&N class....

This is a photo of my mom, age 10.  The middle button on the left side with the moons and stars came from a blue serge suit which was one of her favorites.  I love that I can wear this necklace and keep her close to my heart.

There are two more frames in this group that I will finish ~ the fabric sides on each will be creamy whites!

I had only just begun my Heart Strings at my last post, but I've finished my first one and will soon be moving on to making more!

This is a large necklace and the adornments need to be seen by themselves so you can appreciate the detail...

Ron's baby picture at 1 year,  and Kiki and Shotzie, ages 4 and 6 months

my first attempt at making a simple clasp

necklace detail
Well, I'll be finishing up my SFP&N's as well as another HS ~ this one will be created with sari silk that's champagne in color.  I'm keeping the pink one for myself, as it's very personal.  The thimble in the focal was my grandmother's.

Now, about that Giveaway....remember these little dollies?

and these little boxes?
I will be choosing TWICE for my next Giveaway ~ one lucky person will receive a dolly and one lucky person will receive a petite wooden box.

Why the Giveaway?  I've reached 100 FOLLOWERS!!!  I'm over the moon excited and so blessed by all of you wonderful friends and family that I want to share this excitement with you!

However....this blog is SO loaded with pix and info, that I think I'll wait till next Monday to post the rest of the details...tee hee...

In the meantime, stay cool and hydrated, be safe and have fun, and blessings to you and yours ~ this week and always!
I love you!!


JansArtyJunk said... much eye candy Karen!! I was whoo-ing and arr-ing through out this post! :)
What an awesome swap event!!
Your pendants and necklaces are so AMAZING!...and I LOVE your dollies and boxes!
You are such a creative soul!
Congrats on reaching 100 followers!
Have a great week!
Jan x

mrsthesun said...

If you get any more talented, a blog won't be enough to hold it will need your own DAILY t.v. show. Love the necklace that you made with the picture and button from your mom. The circus theme for your group was amazing. That lady can surely decorate! :) Love you,

Unknown said...

Karen!!! I would LOVE to have been there!!!! :D Youve created a most wonderful party and it was STUNNING!!! And your crafts are just amazing! :D


~*~Patty S said...

This post certainly IS over the (BIG) top ;) You all must have had a fabulous time

Love how you used the pretty pink sari ribbon (I believe it is?) for your lovely necklaces

And your wooden doll is something I have wanted to try

Happy Monday dear Karen

Fran. said...

Hi Karen OH MY GOODNESS!! That necklas with your Moms pic on it is amazing!! I love it!! How special! Now you have to put an outfit together for it!! I wore your bracelet a couple times! and I love it too!! What a fun swap you attended! alot of groovey talent there. I love those parties with all the details!! Animal crackers now that rocks!! I can't wait to sign up for your giveaway!! I am already blessed with a few of your creations but I won't complain if I get more!! Anyways I'll be back. LOL I also adore your Grandmas thimble necklas, oh I love them all!! LOL You should show us your creative studio Karen! I'm nosey and I would love to see it!! XOXO Love ya, Fran.

KateHughes said...

oh my goodness!! The Circus swap was amazing!! The decorations were fabulous!! xo