Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not This Year, Mr. Tom!

Nope...this year the turkey and I each had our own special sharing!

Thanksgiving, a most favorite holiday in the Hess household, was filled with preparing, cooking, setting table, eating, and games.  Not to mention all the laughing, teasing, and downright family fun!

Desserts were baked the night before (Pumpkin pie was still in the oven when this was taken)

Apple Cobbler and Shoofly Pie
The family is gathered....

The table is set with great-grandma's china and our wedding silver...

Dinner is served!

Friday marked the kickoff of our Broadway in Tucson series with the classic Cole Porter show, "Anything Goes."  What fun and frolic....super performance!

My weekend was complete on Saturday as friends and family celebrated my birthday.  It was a big one this year ~ "65" ~ hello Medicare!

We enjoyed a fabulous meal at the fabulous Fleming's Prime Steakhouse...

I don't discuss "gifts" on my blog, but I must share something very special with you.  After dinner, we came home to enjoy birthday cake and open cards and gifts. 

 Our Kiki won a gift card from her employer to none other than Tiffany's.  The sisters used the gift card to purchase a precious silver necklace for my birthday! My heart is touched by their generosity and selflessness.  We "did good," Ron!

It's time to go heat up leftovers and get my feet planted firmly on the ground.  Two weeks until my Trunk Show and lots to do!

I'm wishing you a week filled with thanksgiving and continued blessings.  Please know how I treasure you!


lynn said...

so happy you had a wonderful thanksgiving.... i know its all i need is to be with my family on holidays.happy birthday late :)
sending big hugs

Fran. said...

Oh what fun!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! You are so cute! Celebrating medicare!! LOL Good for you for embracing it with fun and positive!! You guys sure did do good! Beautiful girls they both look like you and Ron in one way or another! Lucky you! I have two girls that look ALOT like their Dad!! My son looks alittle bit more like me but more like my Dad. It's fun getting ready for the shows isn't it? Thanks for stoppin by my blog. I have been trying to blog some pics but it says my pictures are full. Gotta work on it and I hate computers!! LOL I have a show this weekend and I am lookin forward to it. I love being out with people. Take care and have fun down in the rabbit hole!! XOXO Love Fran.

Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely time you gals had! :D I am loving how sweet your girls are!!! Family is so dear!


~*~Patty S said...

A special Thanksgiving and a wonderful special birthday too!
Thank you for sharing such sweet celebrations with us dear Karen and so many beautiful smiling faces!

Gaby Bee said...

Oh Karen, I didn't know you were celebrating a birthday. Happy Happy belated Birthday!
Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your lovely family celebrations with us.

Wishing for you a wonderful weekend!
Gaby xo