Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Have Struggled and Mourned....

I have struggled and mourned this past week following the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook.  I offer you this little prayer, with personal references, that is helping me find peace.

Our children are loaned to us.  Some return home as infants ~ our Amy Kara;  Some return home as little children ~ the 20 of Sandy Hook; Some return home as teenagers ~ John Thomas; Some return home as young parents ~ my dearest Carol Parry; Others live to bury their own parents, as we have done.
Oh Lord, place your Peace in the hearts of all, that no matter what their calling may be, they will accept Your Will, and with your Peace and Grace will find healing.
Let us follow Hannah's example in 1Samuel 1:24-28.

I will be taking a break this coming week to spend time with my loved ones.  

My dear friends and family, I wish you and yours the most blessed Christmas.
xoxo Karen

"Oh God, there is a joy that is granted to those who worship you for your own sake and for whom you yourself are joy.  This is the happy life, to rejoice over you and because of you."
-St. Augustine of Hippo


Cathy L. Calamas said...

Beautiful prayer. I too have a little one in Heaven. Merry Christmas to you.

Unknown said...

o very touching girl, thank you for sharing this, Thank you for being here! Have a Merry Christmas dear friend!


dkshopgirl said...

lovely post x