Monday, May 20, 2013

Reely Big Shew!

In the words of the immortal, Ed Sullivan....It was a "Reely big shew!"  Of course I'm referring to A Ladies Rendezvous at the Rincon Grill, which debuted on Saturday.  BUT ~ (shame on me...I was having soooo much fun, I forgot to take pictures!!)

Wendy Canales Bush pulled off the most amazing event, and she's set the bar pretty high for her next event.  Twenty plus vendors, catering to women, were on hand to answer our every want and need!  Lovely, amazing ladies who are anxiously waiting for Wendy's next show!

The staff at Forty-Niner Country Club was incredible, and danced attention on everyone's needs. Thanks especially to Director of Club Events, Casey Polvichak, who made it happen ~ hors d'oeuvres, dinner selections, beverages, comfy tables and chairs outside, and a gorgeous view of the golf course!  Who could ask for a lovelier venue?

I want to send a special thank you to my sweet, loyal friends and clients...Roxanne, Valerie, Pat, Zhanna, Bill, and Chris, for your love and support that night.  I made many new friends as well, and a special couple ~ Laura and Dan (fellow Lancers!) ~ it was a joy visiting with you!

So, last week meant preparation and the Hive was buzzin' with some new items for your pleasure ~

East Egg

Hearts & Flowers

Alex & Amy

BoHo Spirit

Lemon Lime

Coffee & Cream

Summer Splash

Sea Treasure

Copper Bling

Orange Pearl Sparkle

Go Cats!
Caramel Cream

Wire midi rings

Summer Rain

Spring Violets
The Gatsby
What's in store for this week you ask....I'm working on a special order for Zhanna and will share that with you soon.

I'm also reopening my Etsy shop (link on my sidebar).  It's been on hiatus, but you will soon be able to purchase on Etsy, anything that I've listed in The Boutique.

I've immersed myself in a number of online classes so I'll be getting back to the workbench to catch up with those ~ fun stuff to share coming up!

Lunch with Nancy tomorrow and planning for the Memorial Day weekend with my lovely family.

What's on your calendar?  I hope you've peppered your days with happy times!

Loving thanks for sharing your visit with me today... I won't be blogging next Monday as it's a holiday, but I'm wishing you a lovely holiday weekend, wherever it may take you.

Be safe and don't forget your sunscreen!

Thank you to the men and women who've given their lives for us...

Representing the Brownies of East Meadow ~ Memorial Day, 1957


Unknown said...

So much pretties you made, as usual, so much beauty! What a lovely time you had too, Im sure, youre just bursting with excitement! :) I hope all is well with you, Ive been hating on my blog but perhaps tomorrow I'll finally be able to post! :)


~*~Patty S said...

so many gorgeous creations dear Karen...
clearly you ARE having a lot of fun (no such thing as too much fun my friends tell me LOL ;))
Enjoy ♥ Enjoy dear one

Terri said...

Well, I have had a good catch up on your lovely blog : )
All your creations are beautiful. You are super creative! I am glad you are having so much fun in your hive.
It sounds like you had a very enjoyable time away. And now we are heading into a holiday...Yay!
Have a good long weekend.

Fran. said...

Well the hive is a buzzin isn't it!! Your jewelry is beautiful!! I really like the boho bracelet. CONGRATS on the re-opening of your etsy!! I have been workin on orders and I will have your chickies done this weekend. Send me your email addy and I will invoice you and mail them out o Tuesday. I got two packages out today. WHeww!! I LOVE when I get a lot of things ordered it keeps me busy!! I have been tired a lot lately though. Lookin forward to this weekend and have been enjoying the day today. XOXO Love ya Fran.