Sunday, September 15, 2013

Papers Past...

Before there was jewelry, there was paper.
the beginning of my love affair with Paper Whimsy

my first journey into fibers and paper and buttons ~ oh, my!

a Father's Day card

I love paper and although I don't indulge in this art form as I once did, I have occasion to play with it from time to time.

Last summer, I took 42 years of junkie old photo albums (which were probably "poisoning" the pictures within by their off-gassing) and tore them apart.   This resulted in hundreds of photos going into archival albums....

and, for the time being, the rest are stored in archival boxes, organized by person/place/event.

All of them were then exported to my external hard drive, for extra safekeeping.

I forgot to mention that in the purging, I discovered severely yellowed pages in our wedding album.  So, I've been working on a re-vamp of that album, a la scrapbook style.

I must say, that's a lot more fun than looking at a pristine white leather album, chocked full of photos ~ so many of the guests are long gone ~ with no notations of who or what!  "Who was that?"  "Is that a great aunt?"  "You mean that's little cousin Jerry?!"  "What was the dinner?"  etc., etc., etc.,  

You get the "picture," right?

When I was an ardent scrapper I had some favorite scrapbook lines.
 Basic Grey was one, so I chose their "Capella" line and bought everything, soup to nuts,  that BlueMoon Scrapbooking had to offer.
the album
Here's a peek at a few of the pages....

Some of you might not know that Ron and I met at Slippery Rock University, in western PA.
I dropped out and we got married, while Ron finished his degree in History and Social Studies.  I would later (MUCH later) finish my degree in Elementary Education at the University of Arizona.

Now, I have a most beautiful story which tells so much more than our original wedding album.  I'm happy that my children will have peripheral stories to this, our romance.

My week ended with a trip to Arizona Stadium to watch our beloved Wildcats romp the University of Texas, San Antonio.

It was a great game, although I'll never get used to watching football in 95 degree evening temperatures!!

This week holds some re-organizing and big changes in my studio.  I'm anxious to make it my "down and dirty" place to torch, solder, etch,  and play loudly.  Currently, it's set up for the more refined and placid days of paper crafting.

So, stayed tuned....I hope to have all-new images of an all-new purposed studio next week!

Have a beautiful, safe, and happy week my dear friends.  Thank you so much for your visit, you mean the world to me!


Sueann said...

You are having way too much fun!! Ha!!
Love the studio space.

lynn said...

hiya karen .. always a joy to see what the other crafters are doing
paper will always be my favorite i think.. it brings me back so many memories of cutting things from magazines as a child.. and making dolls.. dresses.. ahhh still love to fussy cut.. :)
hope you have a wonderful week.. and sending love and hugs your way..
im enjoying the cooler fallish weather we have been having.. went to see my two grandchildren in a band festival this weekend.. loved all the music..
lynn l

~*~Patty S said...

Such fun to see your creative space...and I must agree about the delights of paper which is something I always find my way back to.

Glad you rescued your photos from the not healthy albums ... so crazy because we thought we were buying albums to protect our photos!

Thank you for your visit(s) to my Magpie's always say the loveliest things

We are heading out tomorrow on a planned beach getaway to the Outer Banks of N.C. (hope I am not repeating myself...but it is highly likely as I am feeling very scattered these last several days!)

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend and coming week dear Karen ♥


Terri said...

I think your art area looks very tidy now. Mine is much messier! lol!
I love PW too, and cut my teeth on ATC swaps there. Such fun we had!
Your photo album looks very romantic.
I love hearing how couples have met.

Fran. said...

I LOVE seeing where you create and what you create!! XOXO Love Fran.