Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest Ready!

The past week has been spent on rather mundane, boring "stuff"....entering business receipts onto the January spread sheet, catching up on cleaning out closets, laundry, and the not-at-all boring videos for online workshops.

All that work is finished and we're now "Guest Ready!!"

And hoping everyone will be comfortable....

My dear sweet friend, Rachelle, arrives tomorrow for a week of giggles, shopping, late night gabfests, and GEM SHOW!

She will head back to PA all too soon next Wednesday.  

The doors will open again a few hours later when Carolyn and Gloria arrive from Birmingham, AL!  

I think I will have just enough time to change out sheets and towels! lol

Carolyn and I "met" in an online art retreat this past summer.  We've stayed closed friends with one another and our group of fellow jewelry art sisters.  We're so excited to have this opportunity and will be taking classes together at Art Retreat in the Desert.
Here's where my friends will "hang their hats" ~ our humble little guest house...

Not enough time to repaint the pink cabinets....remains of when our girls lived in the guest house....there's Annie Sloan Chalk 
Paint in Paris Grey waiting in the wings!!

Doorway on the left leads to my's normally locked but I opened it to increase light for the photo.
What do you think?  Think everyone will be comfy?  From past reviews, I'd say "yes," and we couldn't be happier to have visitors!

It will be a fun, but very busy month ahead.  I will try my best to keep the kitchen door open every Monday for your blog visit.  

If I should go MIA, know that I'm just havin' fun, which translates to "more blog news to follow!"

I'm off to put finishing touches on things.  Sending you big hugs and good wishes for a fabulous week.  Thanks so much for taking the time from your busy day to stop by for a visit!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Where Is The Wisdom???

Teeth ~ we fight to get them and fight to keep them!  So, where is the "wisdom" in wisdom teeth?
Well, as many of us know....there isn't any!  Inevitably, most wisdom teeth wind up being extracted....
That's exactly what happened this past Thursday to our sweet Shotzie (aka Melissa) ~

We were pretty concerned as one of the teeth was impacted in a completely horizontal position, down deep in the gum.  There were surgical risks on the horizon, in addition to just having general anesthesia.

Shotzie came through like a trooper, and has been an A+ patient, despite gargantuan swelling....

Which has gone down considerably....

I've put on my nurse's cap and reported for duty, 

taking care of our girl for the past 5 days ~ a mother's pleasure!

In the meantime, we managed to finally dismantle Christmas...
Ready for the attic, once again...
So, no new jewelry to show, BUT a BIG announcement......

When you "click" The Boutique link at the top of the blog, it will take you to my current catalogue and available inventory!  

Purchases are as easy as 1-2-3....

Just email me,, or use Facebook messenger and let me know what interests you.  I'm able to accept checks, credit cards via the phone or email, and cash (for locals).

Oh, and shipping is FREE for out of town clients!

Have a fabulous week, dear friends.  I won't divulge our weather and temps, but I'm sending some of our sunshine to warm the friends who are experiencing the "dregs of winter."  

Thank you so much for your you all to pieces!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Parlez-Vous Francais?

My sweet friend, Helen, recently returned from an extensive visit to France.  
How lucky is she???

Helen was such a dear and filled a request of mine to be on the lookout for text, flea market finds, ephemera, and holy images.  She brought back the following...

If this wasn't enough, Helen also gifted me with this wonderful de-stash of her own jewelry...

I can't wait to begin creating with these many wonderful items.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Helen!

We finished out the week with a great visit from old "back home" friends....Larry and Linda.
A requisite tour of our beloved U of A....and a stop at the Student Union....

Introducing our friends to the famous "Sonoran Hot Dog" at BK's was a must...
Larry and Linda are spending a total of 90 days in 3 popular Southwestern cities, via their beautiful motor home.  They'll be heading back home to Pennsylvania once the winter has passed.  Smart folks!  We wish them great memories and safe travels.

This week there's much to be done....please keep our Shotzie in your thoughts and prayers as she undergoes extensive dental surgery on Thursday ~ severely impacted wisdom teeth!

I'll be readying the guest house in anticipation of Rachelle's visit on the 28th.  We've got great "girl plans" as the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show will be kicking off while she's here.

There are jewelry projects at hand...brand new creations, and I'm excited to be back in the Hive!  Here are a few I snuck in this week...

A special order for a very special lady!
Queen's Ransom ~ $175
one of a kind rhinestone earrings, brooches and pendants
sterling wire, hand made sterling clasp
Aquarius ~ $75
vintage brooch focal, freshwater pearls, sterling wire, sterling handmade clasp, crystal, and aquamarine rondelles.

Simple Stamped Solder with Fluorite ~ $50
lead free solder, nickel, sterling bead, sterling wire,
silver plated bead chain, fluorite nugget bead
Earrings and rings are available at Chris Bubany Gallery (see sidebar)  
Necklaces and bracelets are available, by appointment, with me.
I will be adding these items to my Etsy shop as time permits.

I hope your New Year has been good to you thus far, and your days are full, but rest is plentiful.  Have a beautiful week my dear ones and I'll be back with you next Monday!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Gentle Beginning....

For me, 2014 entered quite gently, and I'm so grateful for that as our 2 month Thanksgiving/Christmas season was wildly busy.

January 1, 2014 brought me back around to a project I began on January 1, 2013....some of you may remember my "Daily Card Journal Drawer".......

I'm pleased as punch to tell you that I completed a notation for every day of 2013 ~ some short and sweet, some a little lengthy, given the day's activity...

Another notation, waiting for me...
I must confess to you that I'm the Queen of Unfinished Projects, so this little drawer was a personal coup for me!

While my week was beautifully calm and quiet, I enjoyed a fabulous belated Birthday lunch with my dear friend, and former teaching colleague,  Nancy Smith.  

She treated me to yummy fish tacos at Blanco...

and a dee-lish dessert (one of my favorites) ~ Tres Leches Cake

Nancy and I try to get together once a month, but due to schedules and illness, our last visit was in August.  We had a LOT of catching up to do!

I wonder if you're thinking...."There's something missing ~ no new jewelry creations"

You're right, the Hive is "Closed for Vacation." 

However, I do have a few custom orders so I hope to have something to show you next week.  Oh, and Art Retreat in the Desert is right around the corner and I'll be taking 3 classes ~ loaded with new techniques!

I've got some home projects slated for the month, and a guest house to ready-up for dear Rachelle, 
who arrives at the end of the month. YAY!!

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying dinner and lunch with friends, a scrap date with dear heart Debbie, a visit with friends from back east, and the peace and quiet of 

I send you wishes for a warm and peaceful week, as well.  To my family and friends who are toughing out the snow and bitter temps, I pray the sun will shine soon and stay with you.

Have a blessed week, my lovelies!