Monday, March 31, 2014

What A Mama Does

Of course you know that!  It's what a mama does ~ WORRY!

 No matter the day, no matter the time, no matter their age, a mother's job is to worry.

courtesy of The Art of Altering

For me, the worry began on Friday night....

Our Melissa had spent the week in Los Angeles on business for MAC.  Friday was her 35th Birthday and she was due to arrive home around 9:30 p.m.

First, we get a call that her flight was cancelled and they couldn't get her out of L.A. until the next morning.

All alone with no company Melissa called her dear friend Milena, who lives in Orange County, and shared her sad tale.  Milena, being the incredible friend she is, drove up to LA to spend the night and take Melissa to the airport in the morning.

The girls were getting ready to go out and have dinner when it hit ~ 5.1 on the Richter scale ~ EARTHQUAKE!

Fortunately, they were able to get out, drove to Milena's home in Newport, and Shotzie was on the next flight home Saturday morning....

Oh, but wait ~ she changed her departure city from LA to Orange County and her flight was routed through San Francisco ~ NOT good!  Delay after delay after delay!  This meant changing gates, lugging luggage, shuttles in the pouring rain.....Oy!

Two hours later than originally scheduled, our Birthday Girl finally arrived home!  It was a very grueling and lackluster way to usher in a new year in her life.

We made up for it on Sunday and spent the day with Melissa and her friends at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort for "Blues, Brews, and BBQ's."  It was a grand celebration!

I had a very exciting surprise come my way this week.  My favorite manufacturer, Nunn Design, offered a special promotion ~ a "Buy and Try" for a new technique, faux French enamel.
I jumped right in, purchased my kit and created these charming charms....

However, I got to thinking....I have more ND transfers which are in color and gorgeous reproductions of fine art and collage AND more faux enamel charms.  Why not use these gorgeous transfers over the faux enamel, instead of just a word?

I was so excited with the results that I sent pictures in an email to Becky Nunn to let her know about the further versatility of their product line.

Holy cow ~ Becky was SO gracious and devoted a page on the Nunn Design blog to my findings!!  You can read about it here.....AND she posted about it on the ND Facebook page.  Needless to say, I'm over-the-moon grateful for the recognition from this wonderful friend.  Thank you, Becky and Nunn Design for the love!

The countdown clock is on for the Spring Trunk Show this  coming Sunday.  I can't wait to catch up with you and share the latest creations from the Hive.  If you need directions or my phone number, just send me an email (link on the sidebar).

It's only been 3 months since the last show, but I'm SO ready for this one!

Have a fantastic week, my friends and I'll see you at the Trunk Show, in person or virtual!
Thank you for sharing your time with me today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taxes and Treasures

You know what this time of year brings.....a visit to the tax man!

It's a grin with our CPA since I've had the last appointment of the season for the past umpteen years!  Over and done with this past Friday ~ YAY!

So, on to the more fun things....I've got a number of photos so I'll keep the chatter short....

Monday ~ videotape was made with interviews from me and the family for Remarkable Moms 2014 Celebration ~ top secret until the big party on May 10th.

My sweet girls provided yummy snacks for Dasha and Jamie in appreciation for their hard work, and they presented me with these beautiful flowers as a remembrance of the day.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working on the latest in jewelry and catching up on my Design Challenges for Alchemy of Objects ~

Spent the day on Saturday with dear friend Sandra at the 22nd Street Antique Mall ~
Here are some of the treasures I purchased last Saturday, and during the past month....

various vintage crucifixes and a rosary

assortment of vintage coin purses

various buttons, slides, and charms

a vintage Coro set, yummy vintage brooches and earrings

oh my!  where do I start?  Chinese hair comb, child's necklace, watch fob, sterling link, locket, onyx intaglio locket, chatelaine pencil, sorority pin, chatelaine coin holder, sewing kit, tatting bobbin, lipstick holders

pocket saints, rosary connectors, pendants
All these lovelies will be used in future jewelry creations, even though right now I just want to look at them and touch them!  So, now you know what they are in case a creation should go home with you.

As for me in this new week, we will be celebrating our sweet Shotzie's birthday on Sunday with a celebration at one of our favorite Tucson resorts.  It's also a celebration of her amazing accomplishments as a 10 year member of MAC cosmetics.  She's in Los Angeles this week on business, and we're so happy that she has this opportunity, but it's bittersweet as she comes home late Friday night ~ her actual birthday.  Mom's not used to having her chicks away on their Special Day!

It's also back to the Hive for the next two weeks, without interruption ~ preparing for my Spring Trunk Show...

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go ~ sending you love and blessings for a most wonderful week!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lots Of Fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lots of fun this week ~ new jewelry to share, a remarkable reception, time with the old gang, 
and a family announcement!

The 2014 Remarkable Moms were treated to a RM's Reunion, hosted by the gracious and lovely Margaret Larsen.  It was wonderful getting to know these remarkable women with whom we share this honor.  Tu Nidito has been celebrating Remarkable Moms since 2002!

Tiana, me, Neelam, Page

Charlotte and me

Adriana, Marjorie, Kim, Roxanna, Margaret, Erin,  Jackie,  Debbie

Dasha, Page, Donna, Roxanna
In between the fun I've managed to be productive and I'm so happy to share some of my latest creations with you...

Hope Sings
Tweet Heart
My week came to a close with another reunion of sorts....our Scrap Happies group of artists was gathering for a weekend of joyous fun and creativity.  My schedule would only allow me one day, but I'm so glad I had that....I haven't been with these ladies since last August!

Our fearless leader, Sandra, made the gathering extra special with a St. Paddy's Day flair!

Not to overlook Sandra's incredible sense of humor, here's a close up of one particular item!

Well, I've been on pins and needles waiting to make this announcement and I've been given the green light to do so ~ our beautiful and talented oldest daughter, Amanda (aka: Mandy, Kiki) is now a licensed realtor!! 

She's signed on with Long Realty and is immersed in training this month.  She's so excited for this new journey and we just know she'll be so successful!

Not to be overlooked, our beautiful and talented youngest daughter, Melissa (aka: Melly, Shotzie) is a vital member of Tucson MAC, instrumental in presenting SAAF with a check for $25,000.  

So, dear friends, I'm sending you lucky wishes for a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day....don't forget your green, you don't want to get pinched!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Heart In Texas

This past week was pretty quiet ~

Lent began,  a quiet time for me as I try very hard to keep the hilarity to a minimum and begin the journey.  

I finished a design challenge for Deryn's Alchemy of Objects class (see the side bar).  
The challenge was "Texture"....

The texture in my piece is both physical and visual.   I'm really enjoying this online class.  We're working on the elements of design and creating pieces which reflect those elements in each weekly challenge.  

I made a trip to the dermatologist to have a couple of suspicious intruders removed from my collar bone.  No need to worry ~ they're gone ~ and now I have two more divots to prove I really enjoyed that sun in my younger days!

I was debating with myself whether to write a post for this week.  

I just didn't know what I would write about ~ a very quiet and uneventful week....

Just when I thought I had made my decision, Postman Mike came with a package!

My friend and fellow jewelry artist, Yvonne, had posted pictures on Facebook of the most incredible necklace she had just finished.   I wanted to buy it but wasn't sure if Yvonne would want to part with it.  

Her gracious heart agreed and the sale was made! My new purchase was in the package!!

the lovely package

nestled safe and sound was the necklace

a beautiful creation - sterling silver, pyrite cubes, various ab gemstones, copper rondelles, aquamarine nuggets, vintage silver chain and rosary bead

Yvonne lives in Houston, Texas, and we met a year ago at Art Retreat in the Desert.  We've taken a number of the same online classes and share a few Facebook Groups as well.  

We got to catch up again this past February at Art Retreat in the Desert, and even had a class together..

Yvonne has a heart as big as Texas and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

There was another box in the package ~ a surprise gift from my sweet friend!

Yvonne, you had me at the pink heels!

Look-y what was waiting inside!

Scrumptious goodies for me to play with, and I can hardly wait!
I think my Lenten Season began with a message of gratitude ~ I'm so grateful for the blessed family and friends who share my life.

You know you're one of them, so you know you fill my heart.  Thank you for your visit and I'll be back next Monday!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Remarkable Week

The past week was remarkable, indeed.   I was blessed to participate in two events for Tu Nidito's Remarkable Moms 2014.

On Thursday, I met the other four Remarkable Moms for 2014 ~ Donna, Neelam, Page, and Tiana ~ who are remarkable, indeed!  

We met at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort for a photo shoot, which will appear in the May issue of Tucson Lifestyle.

My morning began in the capable hands of Shotizie, who treated me with her makeup skills, and then it was off to Lowes to meet the ladies...

We were greeted by the amazing Dasha Ross, Development Coordinator for 
Tu Nidito, who escorted us to the "green room."

 Gadabout Salon and Day Spa treated us to hair and makeup finishes with their talented artists....

Here's sweet Kat put finishing touches on my makeup...
And the lovely Kai introduced me to the flat iron ~ fabulous!!

Well, Mr. DeMille, I think we're ready for our close-up.  We are really feeling remarkable now!!  

Shotzie took this photo which will give you a little idea of the layout.  She was way in the back and couldn't avoid the shadows.  I'm excited to see the final result. We got to see the close up in the photographer's camera and it's lovely.

front row ~ Donna and Neelam
back row ~ Tiana, Page, and me
Friday was remarkable as Tu Nidito hosted a luncheon for us at their campus.   

Upon our arrival, we were joined by Liz McCusker, Executive Director ~ Ciera Garcia, Chief of Operations, Dasha Ross, Development Coordinator, and Adriana Rincon, Executive Committee member.  

A tour of the campus left me a different person from when I walked in the door ~ the experience was enlightening, inspiring, and heartening.  What a blessing for Tucson to be home to this organization.  

Donna ~ Adriana ~ Tiana ~ Page ~ me
(Neelam was out of town)
Gosh, after those two days life seems a little quiet!!  

Not for long ~ mark the date for my next Trunk Show ~ Sunday, April 6th.  I will be sending out evites, so be watching!

I'll share some quick pix of new inventory before I leave you....

Have a remarkable week, dear ones, and Happy March!!