Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Heart In Texas

This past week was pretty quiet ~

Lent began,  a quiet time for me as I try very hard to keep the hilarity to a minimum and begin the journey.  

I finished a design challenge for Deryn's Alchemy of Objects class (see the side bar).  
The challenge was "Texture"....

The texture in my piece is both physical and visual.   I'm really enjoying this online class.  We're working on the elements of design and creating pieces which reflect those elements in each weekly challenge.  

I made a trip to the dermatologist to have a couple of suspicious intruders removed from my collar bone.  No need to worry ~ they're gone ~ and now I have two more divots to prove I really enjoyed that sun in my younger days!

I was debating with myself whether to write a post for this week.  

I just didn't know what I would write about ~ a very quiet and uneventful week....

Just when I thought I had made my decision, Postman Mike came with a package!

My friend and fellow jewelry artist, Yvonne, had posted pictures on Facebook of the most incredible necklace she had just finished.   I wanted to buy it but wasn't sure if Yvonne would want to part with it.  

Her gracious heart agreed and the sale was made! My new purchase was in the package!!

the lovely package

nestled safe and sound was the necklace

a beautiful creation - sterling silver, pyrite cubes, various ab gemstones, copper rondelles, aquamarine nuggets, vintage silver chain and rosary bead

Yvonne lives in Houston, Texas, and we met a year ago at Art Retreat in the Desert.  We've taken a number of the same online classes and share a few Facebook Groups as well.  

We got to catch up again this past February at Art Retreat in the Desert, and even had a class together..

Yvonne has a heart as big as Texas and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

There was another box in the package ~ a surprise gift from my sweet friend!

Yvonne, you had me at the pink heels!

Look-y what was waiting inside!

Scrumptious goodies for me to play with, and I can hardly wait!
I think my Lenten Season began with a message of gratitude ~ I'm so grateful for the blessed family and friends who share my life.

You know you're one of them, so you know you fill my heart.  Thank you for your visit and I'll be back next Monday!


Linda Twichell said...

I am grateful to have met you all in Stephanie's class...
Audible gasp at the package news! Fun to see how life has blessed you! Carry on! Lol! Xo Linda

celiaclowe said...

ditto the audible gasp! loving the gratitude post and pictures of all the beautiful jewelry you and Yvone have made.

Fran. said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with in that new box of treasures!! I love those frozen charlotte doll bodies!!! You are blessed Karen and a good and sweet lady!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!! I look forward to it!! and hey Karen it is almost 50 here today!! Woo Hoo and then there is this thing called snow appearing on Wednesday!! Boo Hoo!! But soon it will be just a memory!! YAY!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

Lucy Kalstrom said...

I am one of the Bezel Bootcamp gals and agree that group really has formed some great friendships :D Yvonne : that necklace is so wonderful and your packaging really awe inspiring. The lovely surprise is just the icing on the cake <3

lynn said...

that necklace is gorgeous and i can see why you wanted it.. swoon.. :)
i really love your necklace with the shell for the focal piece... so beautiful...
you are such a sweetie karen and its easy to spoil you with little surprises... those goodies inside the box are delicious too ... hope you have a blessed lenten season
the Good Lord is Wonderful.
have a great week..
sending big ladybug hugs