Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taxes and Treasures

You know what this time of year brings.....a visit to the tax man!

It's a grin with our CPA since I've had the last appointment of the season for the past umpteen years!  Over and done with this past Friday ~ YAY!

So, on to the more fun things....I've got a number of photos so I'll keep the chatter short....

Monday ~ videotape was made with interviews from me and the family for Remarkable Moms 2014 Celebration ~ top secret until the big party on May 10th.

My sweet girls provided yummy snacks for Dasha and Jamie in appreciation for their hard work, and they presented me with these beautiful flowers as a remembrance of the day.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working on the latest in jewelry and catching up on my Design Challenges for Alchemy of Objects ~

Spent the day on Saturday with dear friend Sandra at the 22nd Street Antique Mall ~
Here are some of the treasures I purchased last Saturday, and during the past month....

various vintage crucifixes and a rosary

assortment of vintage coin purses

various buttons, slides, and charms

a vintage Coro set, yummy vintage brooches and earrings

oh my!  where do I start?  Chinese hair comb, child's necklace, watch fob, sterling link, locket, onyx intaglio locket, chatelaine pencil, sorority pin, chatelaine coin holder, sewing kit, tatting bobbin, lipstick holders

pocket saints, rosary connectors, pendants
All these lovelies will be used in future jewelry creations, even though right now I just want to look at them and touch them!  So, now you know what they are in case a creation should go home with you.

As for me in this new week, we will be celebrating our sweet Shotzie's birthday on Sunday with a celebration at one of our favorite Tucson resorts.  It's also a celebration of her amazing accomplishments as a 10 year member of MAC cosmetics.  She's in Los Angeles this week on business, and we're so happy that she has this opportunity, but it's bittersweet as she comes home late Friday night ~ her actual birthday.  Mom's not used to having her chicks away on their Special Day!

It's also back to the Hive for the next two weeks, without interruption ~ preparing for my Spring Trunk Show...

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go ~ sending you love and blessings for a most wonderful week!


Lucy Kalstrom said...

Love your picture of the taxman!! Wow you got some fabulous vintage pieces- fantastic! I like your coin purse piece a lot. Sounds like you are going to be busy the next two weeks getting ready for your show. Hope you have a lovely Birthday celebration with Shotzie.

Fran. said...

oh such cool gatherings of cool junque you got there Karen!! I would love to just stare at it for awhile too!! I have been as busy as a bee too with orders!! Woo Hoo I LOVE it!! Your jewelry is just so awesome!! You keep getting better and better!! I know what ya mean about our babies bein away from home no matter what age they are!! My Kaitlin is still in Connecticut!! I miss her more and more everyday!! Wish I could come to your casa for the trunk show I'll be there in spirit!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.