Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hoedown Roundup!

It was a glorious night for a Hoedown ~ although we had our doubts early on......temps dropped from the high 80's to the high 60's, the wind blew like it does on the open prairie, and rain toyed with our plans throughout the afternoon....

We were all set to celebrate Kiki's birthday ~

Both Kiki and Shotzie had been planning, prepping, and primping for the past month.....
The skies cleared....the wind abated....and tho' it was nippy for Tucson in late April, we partied on!
So, sit back pardners (but watch out for those spurs!) and enjoy the show!

The "barn" was set up outside on the gals' new patio....

 Inside the "barn" was decked out too....

 Once again, I forgot to take pictures of the "grub."  Guess I was having too much fun!

But I will tell y'all the vittles were dee-licious....

Calamity Jane’s
Roasted Corn

Dirty dingus McGee’s
Corn Fixin’s

Painted Pony
Pulled Pork

Miss Belle’s 
Mac n’ cheese

Carson City
Chow Mix

Cowboy Beans

Cattle Drive

Pecos Bill’s 
Pasta Salad

Slewfoot Sue’s 

annie oakely’s
apple pie

Silver Dollar Saloon
Sweet Tea
I don't think any buckaroo went home hungry!

We had quite a few who were camera shy, but here's sampling of the shenanigans of the night ~

Joe and Walter

Ron and Joe

Megan Allison and Drea

Lacey and Ashley

Me and my pardner in crime, Nancy
Jules and Eddie

Ron and me
Cousin Jen and Megan Allison

Gloria and Heather
Gloria, Allison, and Drea
All my sweet belles ~ Shotzie, Lacey, Kiki, and Ashley
Kelly, Nan, and Lacey
Nancy and me
Shotzie and Chiara 
Megan Allison and Kiki
Walter, Chris, Monica, Kiki, and me
The proud papa and mama
A very special "shout out" to 
  • Monica and Carlos (a real cowboy!) for the loan of the cattle skull, saddle, hay bales, horse shoes, and bridle
  • Chris for building the direction sign you saw at the beginning of the picture show
  • Our extended Phoenix family "sisters," "daughters" ~ Nancy, Ashley, and Lacey for the apple pies and s'mores and for hauling so much fabulous decor to add to ours ~ not to mention their helping in getting set up for Hoedown
  • All the wonderful camera-shy guests who also helped to make the hoedown so awesome ~  Jeremy, Abe, and Cindy ~ sorry I don't have your pix
Getting ready for visit tonight from #1 brother, Rich, and then some jewelry on the bench the rest of the week....classes start soon and I'm THRILLED to be taking a 6 week class on precious metal clay next month!  Details will follow.....

Sending you sunny skies, sunflowers, and blessings for a spectacular week!
Thank you for sharing this visit with me....


Lucy Kalstrom said...

The Hoedown looks like it was a great success. You really went all out! Great job Karen :-)

mrsthesun said...

What a wonderful party! We had so much fun. Thanks for including us. One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was attending mass with my friend. Love, Nancy

Fran. said...

Hey there Miss Karen it's not Monday you know!! Great party always wishin I could be there with you!! Your girls are so much fun!!! Have fun in your class!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.