Monday, June 23, 2014

Not All Work!

I'm often asked, "What do you do all day now that you're retired?"  My immediate response is to say, "Oh, I'm in my studio working on jewelry every day."  In my case, I really think this is a misnomer, as time spent with my jewelry creations is anything BUT work!

Many of you know that summer is "education time" for me ~ lots of classes, both online and in person.

For the past 2+ weeks, I've been busy with two very special classes through Artful Gathering 2014 ~
"Romancing the Past," with Debby Anderson and "Downton Heirloom Cuff," with Riki Schumacher.

Here's a peek at what I've finished, so far.....
Bezels and Beads from Debby's class ~

Front view

Back view

First completed necklace, using bezel and beads

necklace detail

Pendant detail
Finished Cuff bracelets from Riki's class, each starting with a vintage napkin ring....

Encrusted Cuff

"Paris" Cuff bracelet

Back view

Bracelet close-up
I've learned SO many new techniques which I'll be able to incorporate into my own designs.

I'm also beginning my 3rd class with Deryn Mentock ~ "Artisan's Daybook"

No pictures yet, as class began on Friday and there are 40 videos to watch!!  What's so exciting about this class is being able to get back to my altered paper art "roots."

I will be creating a fantastic journal to store ideas, designs, original artwork, and more for my jewelry.

In addition, I've been commissioned to create for two special friends.....
A bracelet for Nancy's sister....
Life of Christ Bracelet in sterling

And a necklace for Chrissy, using some of her treasures.....

I hope to share the finished necklace with you next Monday!

Tomorrow is my last metal clay class until the Fall, it went by tooooo fast!
Next week I hope to share the last of my finished pieces with you.

Last Tuesday was Kathleen's turn to drive to class.  When I opened the door to get into the SUV, sitting on my seat was the most beautifully wrapped gift.  I asked, "Whose birthday is it?"

Kathleen replied, "It's for you....I'm just so glad you decided to take the class with me!"
I'm not a lucky girl ~ I'm just very, very blessed by my friends....

My week was complete this past weekend with fantastic entertainment ~ As a family, we saw the Broadway in Tucson production of "Jersey Boys."

On Saturday we saw the movie of the same.  The girls had given Ron the tickets for Father's Day.  Having seen the stage production of "Jersey Boys" in NYC, Las Vegas, and Tucson, I must say we equally enjoyed the movie.

I'm off to watch my videos for Deryn's class and then on to Chrissy's custom necklace.  Have a magnificent week, dear friends.  Safe travels for all you vacationers and don't forget your sunscreen!

See you next Monday!

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Debby ~ Romancing the Bling said...

Hi Karen! Your blog is lovely and I am so honored to be mentioned in your post! I'm sipping my morning coffee while ready and drooling over your beautiful work!
I adore you and love having you in my online class!!!
Wishing you a lovely summer, my friend!