Monday, November 21, 2016

When November Comes...

Old Tom Turkey runs!!!  This was a favorite little jingle the girls learned in elementary school and always loved singing it this time of year!

Not only has November been really busy, it's also a shorter month. No sooner have I gotten my act together for Thanksgiving, then Christmas is peeking around the corner. YIKES!  But I digress...

Here's the November scorecard:

Holiday Trunk Show - gosh, I love having these trunk shows! I get to visit with some of the sweetest friends and most loyal clients, in the world.  This year, old high school friends Jo-Ann, Marie, Candy and Bob traveled down from Phoenix to spend the day with me.

~ Erik visits from NYC - my youngest brother broke away from his busy schedule to share a sweet weekend with us.  Lots of giggles, teasing, and reminiscing added up to 3 days of great fun.  We cheered on our Wildcats at the AZ - CO football game. Go Cats!

~ Faithbooking - seven of us wrapped up our Bible illustrations for 2016.  We'll meet for a Christmas potluck in December and look at what 2017 has in store for this faithful group of ladies. 

~ G Lunch - Nancy and I enjoyed our G lunch at Guadalajara Grill and also celebrated my upcoming birthday.

~ Date Nights - The Girl on the Train, U of A football, "Mamma Mia"

~ December Daily - 28+ foundation pages are completed and awaiting December joys to unfold.

~ Jewelry - a special commissioned piece for a 20th anniversary ~ garnets, Peruvian opals, pearls, and a vintage brooch.

~ Reading - daily Scripture, Dear and Glorious Physician

The last two weeks will bring more Birthday celebrating with family and friends ( this year I also get to celebrate with Old Tom Turkey!), a very special new volunteer project, getting the Christmas dishes down and the everyday dishes stowed away, and beginning the Christmas decorations for our home.

I won't even get into what's on my planner for December, but I'm striving to find heart in every magical and joyous moment!

Have a blessed and safe Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you next month!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saw You in September!

 Hitting the road from Philly to Reading, Pa....

"See you in September"..the catch-phrase for my honey's 50th high school reunion.  We went, we saw, we loved, we renewed ~ it doesn't get better than that!  
Muhlenberg High School Class of '66 ~ you ROCK!! 

Visiting with family, old friends, new friends, old haunts...what a thrill!  Every day was filled with the love and hospitality of friends and family...
Friday night was "Muhls Night '66" at Viva!

Saturday was the "All Class Outing" ~

Sunday was the PARTY!!


Best friends...Best times!

Before heading home on Wednesday, we spent precious time with family...and old hangouts...

I can't say any more...this filled us with so much joy and appreciation for family, friends and memories ~ PRICELESS! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bittersweet August

Bittersweet:  something that is bittersweet;  
especially: pleasure alloyed with pain.

Some years are good...others, not so much.  This August was not so much.

On August 10th our Amanda made the painful decision to put her beloved pug, Alice, to rest. 

With the family gathered around, Dr. Sheila Kirt helped little Alice return to her Creator.  We are healing ~ thankful for the 14+ years we had with Alice ~ remembering all her shenanigans ~ and loving her in our hearts.

August 19th would have been my mom's 101st birthday.   

We said our goodbyes 15 years ago ~ I miss my best this year...

August 22nd marked our precious Amy's 39th birthday.  How can it be that she's been gone from us that long?  Wasn't I  just holding and rocking her in the NICU at St. Francis Hospital

She was a heart beating next to mine...flesh of my flesh...breathing, crying, eating, rest eternally...this was a very difficult day...

Yet, August was indeed tempered with joys and blessings.  
At the very end of July we were blessed for time spent with a very special "daughter" ~ Lee Swider Wiensch.  

Lee was our host daughter 30 years ago when she joined the cast of Up With People.  In town for her reunion, we grabbed time together on 3 separate occasions ~ just enough to catch up, but is it ever enough time?

A new bathroom for my very patient hubby...

A trip to Art Unraveled in Phoenix with my Amanda...four days of fun, friendship, and the most amazing art classes...learning new techniques to step up my game!

An "E" lunch with my dear friend and A-Z lunch partner, Nancy...
And the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of two very dear friends who continue to bless my life ~ Debbie and Shann.

The tender days that cause my heart to heave, have passed for this year.  Summer is drawing to a close and we are looking toward Fall, and the delights which it brings.

I'm back in the studio and focusing on many new creations in time for the HOLIDAY TRUNK SHOW!  Save the date ~ Sunday, November 6th.  Invites will go out next month.  I'm really excited for this year's show and can't wait to show you what's new!!!

Enjoy the remaining days of August, and I'll "see you in September!" 

Monday, July 11, 2016

June~July, Who Knew???

Are we really heading into mid-July?  Where did June go? Wasn't it just May? Is Christmas really just 167 days nearby?

That's the spin, folks...I've literally lost my breath looking back over the past 7 weeks...

A much anticipated Vine of Grace spiritual retreat at our Parish ~

Hoping with all our hearts to get our little Alice to use a cart ~ (it didn't work)

 Celebrating our goddaughter's 7th Birthday ~

A trip to Orange County for an art retreat ~

Learning new techniques ~

Honoring the best father I could have chosen for my children ~  at Hacienda del Sol ~

Online retreat classes and new jewelry created ~

 Faithbooking with some awesome ladies ~
 A-Z Lunch for "D" at Dakota Cafe and a birthday celebration for Nancy ~

This month I'm thanking God for ~

::family in my life every day
::friendships forged in love
::my faith which continually nourishes my spirit
::comfort during these "dog days of summer"
::a new iced tea maker
::all my docs who take care of my health needs
::medical tests reaping healthy reports

I'm currently reading ~

::Loving My Actual Life
::The Infinite Tenderness of God
::Light a Penny Candle

Looking forward to ~

::a new look
::another art retreat and mother/daughter getaway
::leading a scripture passage at Faithbooking
::brunch with Lee from Up With People!
::a new bathroom for the "man cave" 

Have a beautiful July and stay safe ~