Tuesday, April 4, 2017

MARCHing Onward!

Well, March has certainly "marched onward" and here we are in the first week of April.  April's news will wait as we wait for the month to unfold.  It promises to be exciting with so much happening, but that will wait for another day!

Let me share photos and captions with you as I look back on the beautiful month of March...

Meet the newest member of the family, Finnegan Hess!
The absolute sweetest, best behaved, loving 4 year old anyone could possibly want.  As his "mom" Kiki says...
"Who rescued who???"

Lent began...

 and as our tradition dictates we all headed to IHop for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday...

 How lovely that my new pizelle iron came and I was able to treat my family to these wonderful Italian cookies.  To quote our Shotzie, "Finally!!"

 For me the season of Lent is not about "giving up" or "losing weight through abstinence"...it's about "doing" and "giving" and this year it means praying a Rosary every day, Stations of the Cross, reading Bishop Robert Barron's Lenten Reflection,  journaling with my Catholic sisters at Blessed Is She "Put on Love," and supporting Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl project.

Mid-month we enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day feast of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  This is one we embrace in a season of austerity.  Although it fell on a Friday this year (no meat on Lenten Fridays) our blessed Bishop Kicanas gave a special dispensation!

I've been working with my Girl Scout troop on their Jewelers Badge.  They've had great fun on the diverse projects as well as getting background information on the color wheel, sea glass, and ethnic beads.  Here are a few pictures from their first project...

Speaking of jewelry ~ I've snatched some time in the studio to work on a Spring Collection.  With two trunk shows coming up, and just a month apart, the studio beckons and that's where you'll find me in the weeks ahead.  Here's a peek at just a few of the items new to Karen Hess Jewelry...

March wound down and we got to celebrate our youngest...Melissa marked her 38th trip around the sun with a family dinner at Reilly Craft and then a day with friends on the town ~ brunch, street car, cheering on the Ducks!

Currently reading ~ Pachinko

In the kitchen ~ Italian Beef Sandwiches for the win!

I know for a fact that my month of March was

Have a beautiful, blessed April!

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