Monday, May 15, 2017

April Covered Me With LOVE!

As I looked back over my April planner, I was reminded how "love-filled" this month was....

Finishing up the Jewelers Badge with my Girl Scout Troop 1934 ~

Working on their Cooking Badge at Camp Cooper ~
Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week ~

We revived an old Catholic tradition of veiling...all the crucifixes, statues, and holy images were veiled on Monday, not to be unveiled until Good Friday or Holy Saturday ~
My Faithbooking contribution for that week ~

Throughout the week, I prayerfully prepared for Easter Sunday ~

Peanut butter "eggs" using my dear mother-in-law's treasured recipe ~ I haven't made them in years, so rolling egg shapes was a bit of challenge since the timing is everything with the chocolate ~

It wouldn't be the same without the dyed eggs which would be part of the Easter feast ~

A must is getting to Mass early on Easter to get our seats.  The 9:30 is ever popular since there's an egg hunt following, for the wee ones!

Afterwards we celebrated with a scrumptious Easter brunch with the girls, lovingly prepared by them ~
My beautiful Phoenix family hosted a Spring Trunk Show for my jewelry ~ I was so happy to see old friends again and meet new ones!
Sweet Kiki was celebrated by family and friends for her birthday, over the course of a weekend ~
Ending our LOVE-filled month on a very special note was being with our beautiful goddaughter for her First Holy Communiona ~ What better event to take place in this Easter season!
Everyone was ready to party!
This precious child blesses us!

Sending love and hope that your Spring has been joyous!  Thank you so much for visiting with me.

I'm in full gear this week as preparations are underway for a fabulous Spring Trunk Show this Sunday, May 21st from 1:00~5:00pm.

I hope we get to visit!

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