Saturday, June 24, 2017

JUNE ~ No Gloom Here!

 With tulips from my sweet hubs!

Timing is everything and timing was with me on June 1st.  Having dropped my iPhone one too many times, it took a major dump!  Yet, I was in and out of the Sprint store with my new iPhone 7+ in under an hour...a record, I'm sure!  

The best news is that I can upgrade in 12 months...the "8" will be just months old and hopefully the "bugs" will be worked out by then.  I'm only interested in that I use the camera almost exclusively for all my photos, so I'm always looking for the next best one.

Always the optimist, three days later I nearly sliced off my finger tip!
Remember...I said optimist...because I only took off a quarter of the fingernail, and it was my left hand.  Well, within 4 days I was out of the bulbous white bandage and sporting a nice fabric Band-Aid.  I'll spare you the gory details, but if it's something you just gotta see, head over to my Facebook page...there's a nice one there! 
(Some of you might remember the lovely job I did on my finger on Easter Sunday a few years back...I captured it in a blog post.)

 A BIG highlight this month was a  Coronado Island getaway for Art Retreat at the Beach "Artist in Residence" workshop with the extremely talented Robert Lopez!  Thank you Barb and Erin and the vivi magoo productions team for making this possible!

It was PROCESS...




This was an amazing learning experience for me, and the topping on the cake was the group of new friends I made!

It's 100+ degrees here in Tucson and we've been breaking all kinds of temperature records.  So, that being said, I will take my leave AND I'm....

Have a safe and wonderful summer, and see you in September!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

MAY I have an extra day?

Wow!  May I have an extra day to at least catch my breath, because that's exactly how the Merry Month of May has left me!!!

As I was going through my calendar, piecing together the events of this past month, I could not believe how incredibly busy my life has been...

We began on a very bittersweet note as we said "goodbye" to a beloved priest and friend, Monsignor Van.  I still can't believe he's passed and I miss his beautiful smile and equally beautiful homilies.  He was a treasure to Sts. Peter and Paul Parish and to all his ministries.  The attendance of religious and laity at the beautiful Funeral Mass and reception, was a heart-moving tribute to this special man.
We attended a most ah-MAY-zing dance recital! Our beautiful goddaughter, SLAYED it!  She's so talented (but we're not biased!)

Our Catholic Women's Bible Study began with a thought-provoking study of Matthew, chapters 1&2.  A great discussion ensued about the women who were mentioned and those excluded, the lineage of both Mary and Joseph from King David, and the flight into Egypt.  We were all surprised how the genealogy could consume 2 hours of our evening!  We're definitely going to take it slower with our agenda!

The week ended with a Remarkable celebration of Moms ~ we cheered for them, cried along with their stories, and danced our tootsies off to the most amazing Jimmy Buffet cover band! 750 celebrants rocked Margaritaville that night!!

A perfect weekend was capped off on Mother's Day with a delicious brunch, shared with our girls...

Friday brought the concert we've been waiting for since the tickets first went on sale, Brian Wilson and the Pet Sounds Tour...and we were NOT disappointed!!  

My Spring Trunk Show was fast approaching and I was so excited to be hosting my Spring Show for the 5TH year!!  It was a smashing success and I got to visit with ladies I hadn't seen for awhile, which, for me, is the best part of the Show!
This has truly been our sweet goddaughter's month as we celebrated her 8th Birthday with her family and friends...

A beautiful end to a beautiful month, our Daughters of Isabella Book Club convened with an excited discussion of The Red TentA number of us had read it years ago, but it was a great re-read.  Those who read it for the first time loved it.  

Maria brought the most delicious chicken and rice dinner and Alison, our fantastic hostess, provided salad and a yummy dessert.  What more could we want!

Thank you so much for visiting with me and I hope you're getting into vacation mode with great plans for me, the hubs and I are off to Coronado in June...exciting things happening there, but that will be for another post!