Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's A Clean Sweep!

I think I'm going to let this week's pictures tell the story of the past week, since I KNOW they're worth a thousand words!  I will just preface everything with a little information...

Two and half years ago, when my sweet man set up my studio (below),  becoming a jewelry artist was nowhere in my near-future plans.

Moving all my art out to the studio freed up my little office in the house for storing memorabilia, photo albums, keepsakes, monthly household business, and pretty much a "catch-all" for anything that didn't have a home....

At the beginning of 2012,  my muse called ~and I was off on the jewelry adventure of my life!  I knew the studio would be a great location for torch soldering, iron soldering,  and maybe even etching.

I was so "smart" and designated my home office for the fine detail and finishing work that my jewelry required.

What I failed to do was anticipate how this segment of my artistry would "take over" my office and life.

The walls began  to close in as my inventory, materials, tools and other supplies grew....

Now, don't go running out of the room screaming "Hoarder!" ~ my friends will tell you that I'm a germaphobe, neatnik, clean home obsessive ~ but the office....well, it just had a lot of STUFF.

So, last Tuesday I began what was to become the biggest purge of my life ~ a 5-day purge to be exact.

Are you ready? ~ it's quite a ride!

From left ~ right...making progress

Here's what went to Goodwill ~ 10 parcels in all...

Here's what got packed away in the garage, the studio, the guest house, and the attic (I told you the office became a dumping ground!)

Would you like to see the final results?

Here we go...

Now, I'm ready to get back to work!

The Hive's in order, and the only "buzz" is  jewelry-speak!

Only one more item to change and that's a darling chandelier that we've had for awhile...not knowing where we wanted it to reside.  That's for another day.

We do have a new family member ~ Ruby the iRobot Roomba!  Ruby, I couldn't have gotten through this purge without you.  Thank you, dearest Nancy R., for urging me to buy one.  How did I ever live without it??

Before I leave you this week, I want to share the most lovely treasure with you...

My dear, darling friend, Katherine in Toronto, sent me a beautiful card along with this precious Easter ornament which she made.  Surprises are one of the loveliest of gifts, don't you think?  Almost as lovely as friends ~ thank you, my dear heart Katherine!

So dear ones... I'm blessed to know you, blessed that you are my friend, blessed that you are in my life ~ be safe, love one another, and be happy!


Laurie said...

I'm very proud of you! You must be so inspired to work in this fabulously organized room!

Sueann said...

Your office looks fab and ready to roll. You really did a job on it!
I need to do this...maybe you have inspired me to start purging!

Terri said...

Well done Karen! You have cleared the clutter and made room for more creative energy! Yay!

mrsthesun said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You've inspired me to get busy cleaning out some of my "treasure areas."
So glad that you love Ruby. Maybe some day we can introduce Ruby to Anakin!
Nancy Roach

~*~Patty S said...

very well done dear Karen!

thank you for visiting me and my lilacs today ♥

Happy creating to you!

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, what a fantastic organized and tidy. Just perféct! Karen!
My workspace doesn't stay clean for very long:)

Have a wonderful art filled weekend!


Barbara Mason said...

A good purge is so, well, cleansing...My "studio" is closing in on me...maybe you will be a good influence....
Good Job Karen!